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06-14-2008, 10:35 PM
For those of you that PMed me, i replied, and will begin to reply more rapidly, as i will be checking back more often, probably once a day from now on.

There is a place.....where fear lives, and the screams of the damned.....will echo forever. For years this Sanitarium Has been locked away and was forbidden to the public..... but this year its being opened up for you to explore. They thought it was empty, but theyre is still someone or something lurking down there. And its dying to meat you. The years this Sanitarium was open they housed people like Leatherface, And many different people, many are cannibals. This Haunted House combines movies quality props and effects, we have sliders that take things to the next level. Are You Afraid Of The Dark?.........You Should Be.

WARNING: During the walk through of this haunt you will experience intense audio and lighting, extremly low visiblility, strobe lights, fog, damp or wet conditions, and a physically demanding enviroment. You should not participate if you have Clautraphobia, are pregnant, prone to seizures, or have heart and respratory problems. There is NO smaking, NO drinking or eating, NO running, And NO touching for props or actors. If you fail to follow these rules, you may be asked to exit the attraction without refund. This Haunt IS NOT recommended for children under the age of 13. It IS a haunt that has tons of in your face type of scares.

Have What it takes to become an actor? Or become part of our crew? message me with the specs, and ill let you know. Must be 13 or older, and have experience.

Also, sliders needed for this years haunt, message me if your interested. We only have a limited number of knee pads, so if your too late you will have to buy your own. We will tell you what kind. PLEASE NOTE: That sliding is extremely tiring, after the first couple of days you wont be able to walk very good. If you want to be a slider, you must be VERY active and in VERY good shape. You must always have a positive attitude while scaring at the haunt, and you must have very very good balance. Let me know, thanks.

PM me if youd like to scare, be part of the building crew (construction has already started), security, slide, sell tickets, or work the gate.

Be sure to check out our myspace.

Sanitarium Haunted Attraction
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

06-14-2008, 10:45 PM
Update on Sanitariums build.

Mostly all of the outer walls are up, jsut beginning to add details to the haunt.

Song List for Haunt:
Criss Angel - Mindfreak
Disturbed - Stricken
Metallica - Sanitarium
Metallica - Master of puppets
The Devils Rejects - Pussy Liquor
Korn - Freak on a Leash
Slipknot - Before i forget
Slipknot - Left Behind
Godsmack - Awake

Any song suggestions? PM me.

06-15-2008, 11:21 PM
More songs added to the list:
Rob Zombie - Dragula
Criss Angel - Underground
Drowning Pool - Bodies
Midnight Sindicate - Haunted Nursery

Jim Warfield
06-16-2008, 12:04 PM
Go to an actual mental health place they might have a deal or a special, might let you check out a dozen at a time, sort of like library books.
Don't forget to mix& match back in your place, keep everyone guess, who goes back tommorrow and who goes home?
..i never git to go home.....

Kevin Dells
06-16-2008, 07:43 PM
Chainsaw im guessing your haunt is music related hence the song list?

So picture this room and then google this song.

White room distressed multicolored creepy on top and corners, the torture room so to say.

Shackle and chains amid the walls and strapped to them barely clothed women with shredded clothes flesh all dirty,hair all wirey.

Then their torturers hot looking nurses in bondage type costumes with whips, torturing them mercilously. Strobe light of course!

The song of choice here would be Psycho love by Skid Row and yes it's a very fast paced and heavy like your choices.

If you needed more songs for that room i would say Suite Little Sister by Skid Row as well and top it off with Rob Zombie and Lionel Ritcheys version of Brickhouse.

Put in your best looking girls,stand back and pray you have enough parking!

If you know me i love having sexy shows for the older crowds, ladies im not some sick pig but i really love the bondage/goth look a lot and it sells well in a haunt!