View Full Version : My Little Bit Of Oct.31st Fun.

Jim Warfield
11-01-2006, 11:29 PM
Jessica and I threw together some costumes and joined the little Mt. Carroll Haloween parade this year.
I had on a large dark green witch mask with a black shroud draped around my body.
As we walked back home a local man was sitting with a paperback on his lap on his small front porch. He had just watched the parade go by and now some kids and parents were beginning to trick or treat, his porch light was on behind him.
I walked up to his porch slowly as if to meanace, he looked up from his paperback book as I got closer, he had a smile on his face, I paused , he turned to offer me some candy, I ignored his candy and instead slowly and deliberately picked up his crutches leaning against his porch railing (he had severely broken his leg a month ago falling off a ladder at the back of his house) I picked up his two aluminum crutches and turned away, taking a step, not looking back, he said, "Please!?" (He would now be stranded, afterall!)
I said, "Trick!" and walked down the steps and back to the main sidewalk with his crutches in my grip.
"Bringem back...(Then a pathetic) "Please?"
I really felt as if I was a character in an Edward Gorey cartoon!
I turned around gave back the crutches and we laughed , I pulled up my mask and showed him who I was,.... cartoon over. FUN.

Jim Warfield
02-18-2007, 12:59 AM
We saw 25 people come here this afternoon and tonight. Alot of repeat customers with an equal number of first-timers.
My real, personal fun was with the couple spending the night at a local bed & breakfast.
They were laughing almost non-stop during my long front room routine and enjoyed the rest of the tour through the house too. Seeing this previous line in type seems redundant but necesarry just touching base with what happened and happens here much more often than not, merely an informational entry..
With such an intimate audience I could really marshall my voice and not abuse it, a good thing to do when possible since I would be talking almost non-stop for the 2 1/2 hours they were here.
I impressed them with this house that I have created. I impressed them with the show that I very personally gave them, they were very complimentary at it's conclusion.
Everything good and positive and profitable are the direct results of everything that I have been working at , right here on this property for the last 20 years, honing my peculair talents to help make it all come together.
I am not any be-all or end-all of any major, incredible talent in any area , but it all works together and has been doing so for quite some time.
I regularly feel extreme amounts of fun and satisfaction from these efforts.
My timing , volume, pronunciations of various words all keep rotating within my mind as to how and what to say in reguard to their reactions.
I could never had forecast 30 years ago that this would be "Me" or that I could begin to do what I have been doing for a long while now.
Sort of like building a brick wall ,it takes one "brick" at a time til they all come together to mean something definable, predictable.
Be patient with yourselves young actors, keep working at it.