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06-21-2008, 07:44 PM
Greetings all. Chances are right now 10 percent of you are thinking "Dang, is that really Skip from Boneyard?!? He's still around?!" and the other 90 percent of you are saying "Who the hell is Skip?"
Either way, here's the deal- I worked my way into a position last year as regional manager of a sales force in Connecticut for 2020 Communications, which handles the sales of AT&T's new fiber optic television, internet and voice services. I spent the last year building it into the number one market in the country, and I have now been awarded the Chicago ATT market, as well as Detroit and Indiannapolis. There are also Verizon, Qwest and Bellsouth markets all over the country I can put people in contact with.
I am in Chicago right now for launch, interviewing prospective sales reps and managers, and will be here through mid-july. So heres the score:
It's residential sales- if that scares you, get over it. Youre basically an ATT rep, so its not like we're selling f'n knives or vacuum cleaners.
The pay is excellent- I have 21 people working for me in CT, ages 19-57, veteran sales guys and ex-construction workers alike. NOT A SINGLE PERSON makes less than 800 a week, with 40% of my reps making above 1300 a week.
We will train you- I am the best at what I do in the country. So are my general managers and sales managers
No experience necessary- I need WORKERS- thats it, people who work hard and would like to be paid accordingly. This isnt rocket science. PASS DRUG TEST, PASS BACKGROUND CHECK, I will consider you.
Lastly, I will obviously let you take time off in October!! I miss the haunt industry terribly and will return to it in a couple years with some serious investment capital when 2020 goes public. In the meantime, I'd love to help out any diligent Chicago area haunters who are scraping by the other 11 months of the year! Call me at 978-732-8505 or drop me an email at kdylengoski@2020companies.com.

PS- Larry, you and me... cage match! It's on!

Haunted Illinois
06-21-2008, 08:12 PM
I believe that this officially qualifies as spam and should be deleted.

06-22-2008, 10:56 AM
You know what Adam? I think YOU officially qualify as spam and should be deleted. Last I checked, I worked in the Haunt Industry for 14 years as a key member of Boneyard Productions... and in designing and helping run dozens of attractions (little things like Madison Scare Garden, Spookyworld, Ocean Park, etc)with John and the boys, I know one simple fact- 90% of the awesome seasonal employees that work for us and make our shows great either have lousy year round jobs, or no steady work at all. Who knows, maybe thats not the case here. Maybe thats only the way it has been at the 3 dozen attractions or so that Boneyard has consulted/ran since 1991. So yeah, how DARE I throw some haunters a bone? Where do I get off? Everyone should struggle to scrape by rather than be offered a "real" job by someone who knows the scene. Let's get something straight- I don't NEED to pull people from the industry, it was just a thought I had given that Im now in charge of chicago and kinda know it a little from years of showing at that small thing called TRANSWORLD. If others agree that this is spam, then Larry, by all means please yank this thread. If not, if people realize that I was trying to give back to an industry I love but that cannot always support it's employees year round... well then F--- Off, Adam Drendel.
P.S.- Who taught you to do that sweet "stick these horns on with spirit gum then smear my face in 99 cent cream makeup that looks like ketchup" makeup job in your profile pic. Savini's running scared right now!

Haunted Illinois
06-22-2008, 09:29 PM
Hahahahahahaha! This is all pretty funny. Sorry if I mistook your job offer as spam, if it really wasn’t. We all see so many of these things on a daily basis... When I saw someone offering employment as an AT&T salesperson on the Haunt World board, I immediately thought it was spam, since it was not at all related to the theme of this board.

I think YOU officially qualify as spam and should be deleted.

I should be deleted? Is that a threat? I hope not. I’m saving this conversation for future reference (and possible litigation, if necessary).

... well then F--- Off, Adam Drendel.

Well, I’m not sure you need to resort to such language, especially since the nature of my post was so benign. I saw something on the Hauntworld board that wasn’t related to haunting, so I made a point to mention it. By the way, using such language isn’t very professional… in case you weren’t aware. LOL.

I do, however, give you a gold star for spelling my name right. LOL.

P.S.- Who taught you to do that sweet "stick these horns on with spirit gum then smear my face in 99 cent cream makeup that looks like ketchup" makeup job in your profile pic. Savini's running scared right now!

My post was simply in response to what I thought was spam, since it wasn’t related to haunting. …perhaps the selling of some sort of pyramid get-rich-quick scheme on a non-related message board. For some reason, you reacted with a ridiculous amount of harshness, turning it into a personal attack against me. Your slam against my make-up expertise, based on a 70x80 pixel avatar (where no one could even remotely measure the level of quality of the make-up), is laughable at best.

If anything, you have demonstrated to everyone how quickly you can come to a boil. If you, with the personal qualities you have demonstrated thus far, want to hire people, perhaps such a reaction wouldn’t be your best approach? LOL. I don’t know about everyone else, but I definitely wouldn’t want to work for someone with such an explosive disposition and volatile temper.

Good luck with your search for applicants in the Chicagoland area.