View Full Version : Stan Winston (April 7, 1946 - June 15 2008) Special FX master-mind

06-24-2008, 03:55 PM
EDIT: **Sorry though this was new news and NOT old**

Special FX master-mind Stan Winston passed away 6-15 after a 7-year struggle with multiple myeloma. This is a total bummer for the cinematic world

Stan was the genius who did/created FX for such films as:

- The Predator series
- Aliens
- The Terminator series
- Edward Scissorhands
- Jurassic Park series
- Monster Squad
- The Wookie from that awful Christmas Star Wars special
- Pumpkin Head
- Congo
- Tank Girl
- End of Days
- Starman
- Interview with the Vampire
- A.I.
- Batman Returns
- The Thing
- Friday the 13h: Part 3
- Iron Man
- the creature design for the game Suffering, and was in the process of designing them for the upcoming film

and countless others