View Full Version : Tonight's tour June 24th

Jim Warfield
06-25-2008, 02:42 AM
Four local high school girls who all had said at the ticket window that each of them had been through my house before, yet why did they seem so apprehensive then?
"I have forgotten most of what your house was like."
( 'Did the therapist hypnotise it right out of your memory banks for you?")
They eventually all sat on one couch, with their landing gear pulled up, afraid of some imaginery Boogie-Creature possibly being under the furnicture.
One part of my attempted humor seemed to fall flat and they didn't seem to understand the humor, but at the tour;s conclusion after I closed the exit door I overheard them begin laughing and dicussing the names from the story and the ideas.

They probably didn't know I could hear what were saying, which might make this a true compliment....
I imagine the true stories about this house and the town they live in just might have struck them considerably differenty as they hear me use locally recognisable names for the characters, whereas those are their names and they really said and did the things I am telling them about.