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Raycliff Manor
11-02-2006, 07:37 PM
It;s finally happened! We've been able to secure our lease for another year and for the first time ever, Raycliff Manor will operat in the same location two years in a row! This means no tear down! This also means we'll be able to focus on room makeovers and enahncements to the attraction throughout the year in 2007!

In other news, check out our web site www.EurekaScreams.com and scroll down to our 2006 Press / Media Coverage to see some of the attention and support we've received this year! There is a segment from Jones Television featuring Raycliff Manor from a 30 minute special on Eureka Springs that aired on TV this fall in the Northwest Arkansas area. A few of the HauntWorld family members are currently working on trying to convert a file for me of a segment that featured Raycliff Manor on the NW Arkansas NBC News. As soon as we can get that up on the site, it'll be available for viewing as well.

Overall, we didn't do the numbers we had anticipated this year, but we believe that is due in part to the fact that we relocated an hour from last year's location. We had an incredible volume of traffic to our site this year, about double last year, and we expect remaining in the same location for next year will significantly improve attendance in 2007!

Our Fright Team Appreciation Dinner and Golden Ghoul Awards will be taking place next Tuesday so I'm really looking forward to getting together with the Fright Team again. I know they're all looking forward to it as well because that's when paychecks get distributed! :lol:

On a serious note, we had one incident where one of our actors took a punch and our amazing security team has the assaulter removed from the haunt faster than our actors reset their scares! That's pretty freakin fast! Other than that we had no injuries and our actors did an awesome job of following their safety training and scaring effectively yet safely!

Our House Manager, Mari, has once again outdone herself in demonstrating extraordinary time management, people mangement, and organizational skills! She's exhausted like the rest of us, but she is excited to be a partner in such a dynamic, evolving and growing business!

Brad Karnes, our Prop Master, who has designed and built some awesome pneumatic props for us this year, is already approaching us with new ideas for room designs, sets and props! The man is so intelligent it's actually scary! Between Lee, Mari, Brad and myself, there is no limit to where we can take this attraction! We're already investigating the idea of operating the haunted attraction through the Spring and Summer high tourism season here in Eureka Springs. I'll post updates on that as things unfold.

Finally, I want to say thanks to my HauntWorld family who have demonstrated support over the past few years while the dream of opening and operating a haunted attraction manifested from dreams to reality! I really do appreciate all of you and I only hope I can offer 1/10th of the support and assistance that I have received here. We're all very fortunate to be a part of an industry that is much bigger than each of us, but that is nothing without all of us. One Big Happy Haunt Family! Halloween is only a short period of time for most people and it's the time when those of us who celebrate Halloween 365 days a year allow our passion to be manifest for the enjoyment of the rest! :wink: The day after Halloween is just the beginning of another Haunt year for people like us, so let me be the first to wish you a Happy Halloween 2007... it starts NOW! :wink:

The creative juices have just begun to flow again...


11-02-2006, 09:21 PM
Congrats Kel......

What a feeling huh!!!!!! Don't worry about the numbers, you'll get a huge following now that people know where you are.
So get busy!! Hehe.

Good Luck.


11-02-2006, 09:23 PM
Congrats Kel. I am so happy for you and hope you can tell me everything over a few drinks in Chicago. We too have an agreement with our location from this year to return in 07. Unlike you however we are tearing down and have until mid November to get out. WE have about 90% of the walls down now and some props and stuff aready packed up. Suday we plan on bringing a lot over to my warehouse to store and then start organizing and bldg for 2007. Our warehouse is this really cool 7000 sf old movie theater that is all gutted out. Nice thing is we now have a place to store our stuff as well as build and paint!!!!!!

11-03-2006, 04:30 PM
Wicked sweet kel, with no tear down your haunt will be awsome because I am willing to bet that you will be there every free second. I hope someday to be where you are now.

Raycliff Manor
11-03-2006, 04:43 PM
Thanks guys! We're already making plans for modifications and enhancements! We're looking forward to being able to take the attraction to a whole new level again in 2007! :twisted:


11-04-2006, 09:27 AM

that is fabulous news! Congrats, my Friend!

We didn't see the numbers I had hoped, either. But, I realize my location has a lot to do with it. Which is why I'm hoping to move the haunt away from here.

How does one go about finding an old theatre, hospital, clinic, etc? Do you just drive all around town? If we looked for a real estate agent, they would want a fee and what we're really hoping to do is find a private owner who's building has been sitting for a while and wouldn't mind leasing to us for a tax break. Any suggestions on how to find such a location?