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Gore Galore
07-03-2008, 09:46 AM
We now have our own industry show all by itself.
Love it or hate it this is the way it is.
So, how do we go about making this the best tradeshow this industry has ever had and will ever have.

Your input is needed.

We need to determine what events need to happen to make the majority happy without making it a convention rather than a tradeshow.

We will be finding a "Crowne"
Mark Mcdonough is working on this right now since it is his home town/ I am sure Kip will help him find a supportive locale. He said he already had a great bar for this.

And we need to get the Darkness tour, IAHA, Leonard, and Barry together to work on developing some things that are both informative and entertaining. We are trying to bring everyone in on the development of this show. We have been split way to long politically and it is time for that to end. If we don't pull together we are going to loose everything we have worked so hard to achieve.

THE HHVA would love to have the buyers input on this and we will present it to transworld at our next Advisory board meeting.

Here is looking forward to your contributions.

And yes, we can put shane in a cage with one of his tigers.
How about a Shane dunk tank?

It is your time to make this the event of the century.

07-03-2008, 09:58 AM
After reading all of these threads I am more confused than ever as what is a "tradeshow" and what is a "convention". The definition seems to be a shifting target. LOL

Supposedly a "convention" focuses more on social events than on a tradeshow. If you look at MHC's schedule, we have one social event that happens during show floor hours and that was during the last 30 minutes on Saturday.

MHC's seminars run concurrently with the show floor but so did TW's.

So, Kevin, it is hard for me to give suggestions when the end goal has not been defined. LOL

07-03-2008, 10:28 AM
At the risk of stirring-up controversy, my only real concern with the new direction and location of TW (other than the lack of young women dressed as sleazy storybook characters) is that TW might further reduce some of the restrictions on access to the event so that more non-qualified buyers get in.

This may have been mentioned elsewhere in the floods of messages and comments, but will the general public be allowed to access the show?

As for haunt tours and outside events, I personally prefer a variety of options rather than a few mega-events.

I loved what DreamReapers did in Chicago -- staying open for a couple nights and offering bus service back & forth - which allowed us to visit the haunt when it best fit our schedule.

The only downside to the larger scale events (such as last year's haunt tour in Vegas) is that once you start including meals and entertainment or other options, it can turn into a full-night commitment ... and with so many people to see in such a short period, that really takes us out of the mix for a big hunk of time.

I also think it wouldn't be a terrible idea for some kind of structured socializing event (perhaps a progressive lunch or speed-networking kind of thing) that would allow haunters and vendors to meet a whole slew of new people over the course of an hour. I've attended several events like this that were organized by the local chamber of commerce, and have always come away with fistfulls of new business cards and contacts.

I'm very excited about the possibilities and potential of this new show which is, let us remember, still 9 months away... unlike the month of October, which is less than a 100 days away.

07-03-2008, 10:44 AM

It is my full understanding that in the past Rocky Point for example opened up for Hantcon but also the general public, as did many other attractions. As of right now I have no plans to do that. I see this as an industry only event. Additionally as to who can or can't come into he show, that would be up to Transworld not myself, but they know as well as all of the vendors we don't want the general public...period! We want QUALIFIED BUYERS for our products and services that means YOU SCOTT!

Since this is being started from scratch this is something that can be discussed and addressed and a policy in place without offending anyone as happened in the past. This needs to be a buyer seller show.


I think the show is clearly defined. Transworlds show has always had seminars, and if a haunt opened they did, as we saw last year in Vegas and in Chicago. I doubt there will be anything more to this show than a tradeshow floor, seminars and haunted happenings after the show is over. Nothing different than any other year. As you know TW had tried things like the haunters pavilion and stuff like that I doubt any of that stuff will happen unless people like yourself helped them.

As you know they ended that feature last year. So this show in my mind is clear... same as always just better.

So you know where I stand, I'm not in favor of letting anyone in the show, I'm not in favor of activities going on during the show like make up wars and all of that stuff, I'm not a fan of monster balls, and people walking around trying to do business in costumes and what not. But the show becomes what it becomes this is a buyers seller show first and foremost.


07-03-2008, 10:54 AM
Actually, I think having the haunt(s) open to the public along with haunters could be lots of fun. I know that PHOBIA did that during Hauntcon and it really created a nice vibe to mix in civilians with the haunters.

I would just prefer to keep the general public out of the actual tradeshow and seminars, as would most of the vendors I would imagine. Limit attendance to current and potential haunt and business owners and other qualified buyers.

07-03-2008, 10:54 AM
MARCH 28, 2009

The Darkness will open its doors to the hanted house industry from 7pm until 12am. Tickets will be sold through an online ticketing company, and all tickets will be sold TIMED TICKETING!

There will be TWO HAUNTED HOUSES OPEN... The Darkness and Terror Visions.

The Darkness will be a revamped haunt, meaning ready to go for 2009 season, not the same show people will see this year in October 2008.

We are also building a new haunt in our addition we're adding onto our building... TERROR VISIONS in 3D will also be open.

The haunts will run back to back and end up in a Darkness retail shop that includes pinball games, monster museum and more.

The initial cost of this event will be $50.00 per person.

We will probably provide a bus service from the convention flap ship hotel to the Darkness running from 6pm until 1am, however there could be an extra charge for this..don't have any details yet.

The Darkness is rougly one mile maybe 2 from the convention center and is located in one of the cities best area's...called Soulard.

http://www.soulard.org/ Soulard hosts the second largest Mardi Gras in the nation...second to New Orleans.

Other links to Soulard http://www.slfp.com/Soulard.htm


You could actually go straight to Soulard which features over 30 bars and resturants and then just walk over or eat dinner afterwards there. Very Nice place!!!!

We will create a website just for this event...coming soon!


07-03-2008, 10:54 AM
1)Haunt tours and busses are a must. 2) Time for socializing/drinking at night at a designated bar 3)Lots of Vendors, seminars but keep the prices with haunters budgets in mind. None of this $400 per seminar nonsense, even $75 per seminar seems like a lot. Maybe $90 gets you into all the seminars you want to go to. I realize education costs a lot and speakers want $ but if they are selling DVDs afterward, or product cash n carry and they get a couple of bucks per person that attends the seminar, they should be cool.

07-03-2008, 11:01 AM
Badge all people. The events, competitions, socials, seminars should all have badged attendees.

When TW failed miserably a couple of years ago trying to "show me the vendors I need to see" according to the TW expert at the time, I had tried to suggest that the event be badged very obviously. The vendors would know the buyers immediately so their time and catalog/flyer money would not be wasted. Have only one or two buyers allowed from each event. Have the event type ribboned under the badges to go even further for the vendors and others to recognize who is who in front of them.

Charge admission, but allow the vendors to rebate it back through verified sales. TW would pay the vendor just as coupon companies do for the food stores do. Issue the coupons to the people paying admission and the vendor turns them in at the end of each day or the show. Any extra money generated by the enthusiasts ( money not rebated) could pay for socials, seminars, buses etc. or even a charitable donation with maybe 20 % kept for managing the rebate program.
Quick numbers:
2000 admissions x $ 20 = 40K
1000 vendor rebates = 20k,
20% handling fee = 8k,
left to pay suggested items = 12k

$ 20 is a cheap entrance fee, and the buyers would get their money back anyways.

And tell TW I will volunteer to manage the coupon program, so they wouldn't have to.

Haunted Illinois
07-03-2008, 11:04 AM
Maybe we should re-read the official Press Release from Transworld Exhibits Inc.. ..

The complete schedule of activities for the 14th National Haunt & Attractions Show in St. Louis will be announced in the coming weeks. Highlights of the show will include:

• New product introductions from the industry’s leading companies
• Extensive seminar programming
• Networking events and competitions
• Special events and tours, and much more

Competitions? Like the Make-up wars they had at MHC? Networking Events, Special Events? Hopefully none of that will be during show hours and distract from the “trade show”.

07-03-2008, 11:58 AM

Transworld JUST decided to do the show,so I think the press release was just general... I doubt they have any specific things in mid what will or won't happen.

I think it is more of a case of being very general. However for several years they had a t-shirt competition, so they could be refering to this. Who knows! But I can assure you that they didn't mean make up wars.

The thing you have to remember is this...this show is for buying and selling and NO VENDOR WANTS make up wars, NO VENDOR wants anything like that going on while they are trying to sell products.


07-03-2008, 12:53 PM
No vendors want make-up wars....except maybe make-up vendors? I can't see any vendor having a problem with any event, as long as it occurs after show hours.
How about a haunted potato sack race? lol

Gore Galore
07-03-2008, 01:05 PM
I will keep monitoring this thread.
Thanks to all who are helping by participating.
You are most certainly helping to create OUR show.

Adam and Barry,
I understand your criticism of this show, but it will develop. With your input.
We are in charge of developing the details of the show.
And yes the press release was kind of a general statement of activities so that can be determined later with buyer and vendor input. They are not making any more decisions without the participation of the Haunt community.
I know that many are upset with Transworld for not listening to us, but they seem to be listening.
So, when someone apologizes for being wrong do you spit in their face, or do you forgive and move on.
No one said you had to forget. You protect yourself, and get everything in contract.

As Larry said,
No makeup wars
We want to be able to coordinate with the other regional shows so we can can grow together. Maybe they can share some events somehow.

And I think the seminars might be set up so the schedule does not interfere with the show floor.

There will be a charge at the door, but we are not sure what it is. We don't want to offend anyone but we have to charge. All the regional shows and conventions charge for all activities so we should learn from that. Every Horror show charges at the door.

I like the coupon idea and that has been discussed. And thank you for offering to help with that. I can suggest it.

Thanks again,
Your input is important

07-03-2008, 07:29 PM

My post was not meant to be criticism in any way. It was meant to point out the fact that before you can plan "events" you need to define the parameters.

Gore Galore
07-04-2008, 07:15 AM

We should NOT be afraid of criticism. we need it anyway. It helps build character. Constructive criticism is a must, so I hope you didn't think I was being nasty about it.

Well I think the tradeshow definition is going to be something like this.
And it is very reflective of what Larry has been saying.

It is a serious Buyer Seller show.
That is the focus.
I think the definition is reflective of what Transworld has always done: with seminars, a haunt tour, and serious networking sessions involving all the best vendors and buyers a market has to offer, and qualifying the buyers to some extent.

But just not too many social activities.
However, They are open to what the buyers want.
And if the buyers indicate they really want something then I am sure Transworld will accomodate. They do seem to be trying to show this industry they want to keep this show alive.

07-05-2008, 07:34 AM
With you involved I think things will work for the best. So with that good luck man. One problem I have is it was said Transworld is listening. Transworld listens to no one just the select few that they so called polled. So lets start this show off with honesty and say TransWorld listens only to the ones they want to. As far as the rest of us the hell with us. It appears the buyers are of no interest to them if so we would not be where we are now. Anyway Kevin you know we don't always agree but I do respect what your doing. If you need any help just let me know and I will try to do what I can to help you. Shane

Gore Galore
07-05-2008, 08:38 AM

That statement means alot.

And if you can get behind this then everyone can.
It really is about everyone dropping the politics, negativlty, and trying to take this seriously for a moment.
It is funny to hear me talk about taking things seriously. I take my business seriously but anyone who knows me knows I certainly don't take myself seriously.
I digress.

THIS show just like the HHVA has grown out of nothing.
And what has made HHVA as successful as it has been already is the fact that all the vendors use their own specific expertise to make it move forward. Everyone contributes. When someone sees a problem they point it out, and then they work to fix it.

And this show has to be the same way.
The only way this show will succeed is if the organizers, buyers, and vendors use their own special skills to help make it happen. We always wanted our own show, but not for long if we don't make it work.

Several people have offered up assistance and that is how it has to happen.
It requires effort. No one is going to hand this to us and it will just work. We have to take lessons from all the failings we have endured and figure out the ways to make it successful.

And I will tell you Several vendors such as Myself. Tim Turner, and Mark Mcdonough and many others suggested individuals for Transworld to poll to make the determination of location.
And the idea was to select non partisan objective individuals who crossed the spectrum of high budget to low budget haunts. And everything in between.

But you are right, Transworld has not listened before. But they knew if they didn't listen we would have gone to a different show producer just like the Halloween section, and their buyer groups.
What they might not realize is how close that fact actually was.
That is exactly how they lost the entire Halloween section to Houston. Not listened It cost them an entire market. And I am sorry to say they will never get that back.
So, there most certainly is some desperation here. And I am also sorry to say we saw it on their faces in all the meetings we had with them.

Just imagine, They flew the entire executive staff to MHC at one days notice to have the meeting with us. That has to tell you something.

So, with all that said.
Just drop the negativity and back this show with everything you've got.
And that will help guarantee its success.
And please don't hesitate to make suggestions we can forward to transworld.
That is what is going to make it work.

07-05-2008, 09:24 AM
Let me also add that with Tim helping you I am sure everything will be ok. Nothing aginst Mark but I have never talked with him so I can't comment on him although if you and Tim say hes good then thats all I need. Again if there is something I can do to help you guys on a buyers end let me know. Kevintthere is one thing I would like to see come out of this show. I would like to see a meeting place maybe a banquet room or something ( I will be glad to pay the rental on this room myself) also I want to be apart of it, but anyway I want us haunters and you vendors to get in the same room and talk about some industry issues. We can type here all day but one can't really express how they feel about things over the net. So will one of you guys Kevin? Tim? work with me on this? I think we need to get in a room sit down talk!!!! Shane

Gore Galore
07-05-2008, 10:32 AM
How does this sound?
We have talked about having a round table discussion. Many tables in one room. Each table with different topics.
All discussions will have a moderator who keeps the discussion on topic and records the minutes for each table. That way we don't loose any of the information discussed.
You just go around the room and pick the topic you want to join in on.
Maybe we have 2 tables for open discussion or have yet to be determined topics.

For some of these things to happen we need more that one or 2 people to say ok. we need several people say we should do this.

07-05-2008, 12:52 PM
Thats not what I had in mind because no one will know what the other table is talking about. We can do that here. What I plan on doing is inviting any vendor and buyer to attend. And have a question and answer with a table made up of vendors and a table made up of buyers. Face to face question to answer. So everyone knows the answer to the question addressed in public. I can handle it when it gets closer I will ask you if you want to attend and some other vendors. Shane

07-05-2008, 04:40 PM

I like your idea, and I think it would work... just, maybe could set it up so that every few minutes the tables MUST rotate! Like musical tables... that way, everybody gets a chance to discuss all the given topics and the people taking minutes will have LOADS of info from everybody that participated. -Tyler

Greg Chrise
07-05-2008, 11:33 PM
I would have to suggest that if there are Any seminars or demonstrations during the show floor hours, it is limited to only vendors that have paid for a booth. To further elaorate on their wares and products. Not how to market or ponder the cosmos and the future.

At Hauntcon, I had no trouble filling a room with 150 people and give a seminar. This for a Sunday afternoon was probably a majority of the remaining attendance.

In general, the topics of discussion in the seminars were not as professional or as Industry related as other kinds of trade shows I have attended.

For example if Gore Galore has a booth, it is the Gore Galore Fashion show and videos of effects not brought to the show or otherwise easy to communicate an available service. In otherwords a timed elaboration opportunity rather than something completely different than what the show is devoted to, who has invested to be there and why they are there.

No introduction to anything except booth people. And in some instances the times show location is not at a seperate room or cooridor, it is at the booth, yet it is on a program. Not just when ever you happen by. Each passer by has to get the full drift of what is being offered in 3 seconds passing. Perhaps half an hour opportunity to a mass of people rather than each occurance being one on one.

In a group, some buyers might feel less pressured to hear what is being offered and fully realize they need the product but, just being hit one by one is more like saying hello to intimidate shop lifters at a retail store.

There might not have been anything wrong with the HauntCon experience for the attendees but clearly the vendors were in competition time wise with something being offered for free. There could have been a section on the show floor centered that was for vendor demos and presentations. See a seminar with a guy reading his pre written script very badly that has a few months involved in the idea of being somebody or see someone that has been building something for 15 years and is every day good at this.

I have gone hundreds of miles ot of my way and paid to get into conventions where some master of a product is there, sponsored by the people who make the product. And you can try and buy the product right there.

Not wander around and hope you like something and maybe order it next year. Once you look at 4,000 items how do you make a choice? How do you know how had someone worked on something or that there is skill in it's final finish.

Meanwhile some round table guy who might not have a haunted house, did not invest in a booth, said haunting may suck this year because of gas prices.

It is so much easier to control if it never happens.

Greg Chrise
07-06-2008, 12:09 AM
Other rules should be if you didn't sign the check that bought the booth, don't talk to the cameras. Ya know all these creations are developed by a lots of sitting around drinking thinking crap up!

If the general press comes in, here is a list of who specifically to talk to, that will give you excellent coverage of the event. Who's handling that?

Also, there is the opportunity to put our own press in there rather than relying on just the volunteering of fans and their cameras recording all the drinking pictures. Have someone putting pro Utube videos out of all the speals. Viral communication of the industry as well as additional coverage of the products available. This way the world sees the investment and serious nature, the information is made available in a professional manner.

At present that is all there are of any event are people's personal accounts of licking each other's heads and using skull funnels to drink in hotel rooms. These days having 20 good videos on Utube is better than telling housewives and the unemployed about you on Good morning America. No need to spend $65,000 if you have the content happening all in one place.

I would go a little further and suggest that no loser organization gets a free booth and meeting rooms.

Greg Chrise
07-06-2008, 12:40 AM
Yes, unless new good content it created, all you have are unlabeled pictures of a trade show, not knowing who the vendor is because you expected some kid with a camera to do it for you for free and it will be out there for years and years. Or another bunch of fans recorded the drinking and costumes only.

Quite frankly out here in the trenches there is still some wonderment by the general public of why you even need to have a convention about stringing black plastic and strategically picking out masks at Walmart. It doesn't matter how much has really been invested. People stopped caring years ago and it is all a big circle of haunts and vendors defining the feel of the industy, or not. So far it has been more of the not defining anything.

Maybe it is time to evolve a little.

Haunted Illinois
07-06-2008, 08:12 AM
How does this sound?
We have talked about having a round table discussion. Many tables in one room. Each table with different topics.
All discussions will have a moderator who keeps the discussion on topic and records the minutes for each table. That way we don't loose any of the information discussed.
You just go around the room and pick the topic you want to join in on.
Maybe we have 2 tables for open discussion or have yet to be determined topics.

For some of these things to happen we need more that one or 2 people to say ok. we need several people say we should do this.

That sounds like a good idea, but I’m not sure how people would keep track of which topics are being discussed at which tables. Perhaps that wouldn’t be a problem if you assigned specific topics to numbered tables, then print out a schedule, so people would know where to go and when, to discuss things they were interested in.


I like your idea, and I think it would work... just, maybe could set it up so that every few minutes the tables MUST rotate! Like musical tables... that way, everybody gets a chance to discuss all the given topics and the people taking minutes will have LOADS of info from everybody that participated. -Tyler

That might work out ok, but the potential problem that I see is the discussion losing momentum each time there is a rotation. There would probably be a lot of redundancy in the discussions, where the new group would re-hash several points that the previous group already brought up. Also, let’s say that someone from the first group brought up an interesting idea and the moderator of the group mentioned it to the next group to foster further discussion. That’s great, but unfortunately the guy who original thought of the idea wouldn’t be at the table (because of the rotation), to respond to any feedback provided by the second group. Having worked in “Corporate America” for several years, I’ve found that it’s usually more productive to have a single meeting with all of the key players, instead of multiple smaller meetings.

Gore Galore
07-06-2008, 08:14 AM
Again I can talk to the board about it.
I still also like the round table discussions.
Maybe both can happen.
I will look into it asap.
I am sure IAHA, HHA, and HHVA can sponsor one or all and make it happen.

thanks for the comment Tyler.

Excellent contribution.
You always have alot to offer.

Presenting video on Youtube and in a professional manner. CHECK
Product Demo in booths. CHECK or in a center location at specific time slot.
I like this idea alot.
I know that Studiotek used to do this alot and thought it was an excellent way to communication with a wide audience.

Haunted Illinois
07-06-2008, 09:15 AM
Other rules should be if you didn't sign the check that bought the booth, don't talk to the cameras. Ya know all these creations are developed by a lots of sitting around drinking thinking crap up!

If the general press comes in, here is a list of who specifically to talk to, that will give you excellent coverage of the event. Who's handling that?

Good point, Greg. I think we all learned that the hard way by the Scarefactory’s recent unfortunate media incident. For the sake of their very own reputations, vendors need to be very cognizant of who from their organization is talking to the Press and what they are saying.

Also, there is the opportunity to put our own press in there rather than relying on just the volunteering of fans and their cameras recording all the drinking pictures. Have someone putting pro Utube videos out of all the speals.

I think people in the industry are starting to realize this. I’ve seen vendors like Gore-Galore, Spookywoods FX, Scarefactory, Abracadaver Productions and others link YouTube videos of their products on their websites. It’s definitely a more effective way of advertising when you can see a prop in action, instead of just seeing a picture of it.

At present that is all there are of any event are people's personal accounts of licking each other's heads and using skull funnels to drink in hotel rooms.. .. Yes, unless new good content it created, all you have are unlabeled pictures of a trade show, not knowing who the vendor is because you expected some kid with a camera to do it for you for free and it will be out there for years and years. Or another bunch of fans recorded the drinking and costumes only.

I’ll have to say that you don’t have a very positive outlook on the current state of online picture galleries of Haunt-related conventions. While I must admit that I have seen a picture or two of “people's personal accounts of licking each other's heads”, I think that is more the exception than the rule. You make it sound like there isn’t a picture gallery out there that features Haunt products.

I do, however, agree with your point of people posting “unlabeled pictures of a trade show, not knowing who the vendor is”. It definitely would be more useful to a potential customer to know what company made a product he/she saw in an online gallery. Perhaps people have just been spoiled by PhotoBucket and other hosting sites where you blindly upload mass amounts of photographs in a matter of minutes? Maybe people don’t have, or want to take the time to label their pictures? Or maybe they don’t remember which company is associated with each picture?

Also, you’re implying that labeled picture galleries of Industry events don’t exist. Well, believe me, they do. As an example, check out picture galleries 2 through 6, in my 2008 Transworld Overview:


Nearly every picture of a product is labeled with the name of the vendor that made it. If you click on the picture, not only do you see the name of the company, but I have a link to their website, as well.

I understand that these unlabeled galleries aren’t AS useful, but they DO have value. They give the general public, as well as Haunters who can’t make it to these conventions, a view of what is currently available in the Haunt Industry. I think that someone who couldn’t attend would be happy to see pictures posted online. After all, it’s better than nothing.

Perhaps these online galleries will encourage more people to attend future conventions and trade shows, so they can see all these great products first-hand.

As for the nature of the pictures that are posted, I personally try to keep the “head licking” pictures to a minimum and promote the vendors’ products & the Industry in general.

Regardless of the existance of a few questionable pictures out there, for the most part, I think these picture galleries are a positive thing for the Industry.

Greg Chrise
07-06-2008, 10:48 AM
I do appreciate any photos and fully understand how much ime and effort has gone into posting anything. My point is that if a specific compensated media group (even if it was those that have participated already) the results would be of a far greater contribution.

For example, at HauntCon the two times I have been in Texas gatherings, there is an elaborate set up to record the seminars. I fear their total compensation is to later whore out the production for $15 a video. I'm saying turn the cameras onto the show floor not the seminars. Not the hotel antics.

The consumer electronics show begins with 200 media people trying to get in the gate as it has a more general appeal for TV. What are the new gadgets and appliances that will be available for your home or business?

Haunted houses may not get generic appeal like that so it must be created. And paid for so that the drudgery of all the posting, labeling and quality of equipment is there. So a pretask of what we are trying to show has been formulated. Not ust as a service to those who didn't bother to show up. As a media available content discussing how great haunted houses are.

Even for those that did bother to show up, the fatigue of traveling and the confrontation of so many things to obsorb product wise, it would be future reference and a review of products they did see but may have over looked. This is a second chance at an order.

Just like you see a spot on the morning talk shows about the new game boy, this industry should be showing how cool everything is.

Just like as a small child, they had on camera the un skinned animatronics that would be the haunted mansion and the pirates of the caribean ride. Everyone looked at those Sunday afternoon propoganda shorts and said I have to go see what Walt has done. More so, there have been for the last 30 years people that have been inspired by those things to build haunted houses. Just doing some content with a little bit of lenght would inspire those already having an event and those wanting to have an event one day to reach to a certain level. The general public would be inspired to see what is in their town and begin traveling no matter the cost to see what that haunted house has.

Otherwise it is just a secret event that only a few know about. It makes no difference is some haunt out there is getting by with a black plywood habitrail. In fact it IS the entire economy of acceptance. If the haunts are making money they can buy stuff. If the customers see investment they will keep growing in numbers.

Quite frankly the economy is now such that it takes more than making an announcement or going about things in the same old manner. If there isn't some buzz, seizing of opportunities missed in the past, it could all be something that fades away. Does everyone have their next job picked out?

Greg Chrise
07-06-2008, 11:02 AM
A media group would be a team of people that knows this stuff, not just hired off of Wall street. A group of people that are intouch with the products that individually have the websites and talent to get the information out there. Like 5 different talents rather than one 7 minute spot.

But, there is something involved besides they are doing it for getting 50 subscribers to this secret information. More than they are allowed into the show un molested. If dollar figures are being thrown around like $65,000 for the big haunts to get noticed, why not spend $5,000 on how the industry works hard as a whole.

You see the behind the scenes of most modern movies, it is just as interesting as the movie sometimes. Well, to come up with those special features, the movie producers had third unit documantary groups wandering around making it look great. It is all the communication of how to keep abreast of how great haunted houses are becoming, why you should buy any of this stuff, why you should pay a ticket at a haunt.

Additionally not everyone even in the industry can take of from the day job and send money to travel. That money lost, and spent would better be spent directly with some vendor from afar and the information has been presented in a manner that translates into more sales. Contacts from further away and sales from the median houses that really struggle to do it all.

Greg Chrise
07-06-2008, 11:43 AM
It could very easily NOT be just Gore Galore trail blazing on Utube, the entire event builds a signature of who are all of these people. Not look what I stumbled onto or only found out about because I check into a specific forum.

And yes, unfortunately we are in the age of free information that someone had to spend money and time and real work to get it out there. No one is buying $265 for so so seminars so that was all wasted. It costs money to make the DVDs and posting on other people's servers is free. Getting the products out there available for free. No loss on thousands of fliers and catalogs. No someone spending $4 on postage to send me their junk brochures.

Yes, we want it all for free and someone else to spend the money to do it. But, the real purpose shouldn't be try to get there by having the carrot of "the Introduction of haunted houses and marketing and transmission repair" It becomes here are the products you need in the new millenium.

And it isn't all about Larry but his site is already set up for lots of this and he has done just as I'm suggesting and poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into this property that could benefit everyone and actually make a bigger market. So sure Larry is very interested and it certainly isn't about showing off the darkness for one nights wages.

It's like all of this stuff is in place but no one is taking advantage of it. It doesn't mean we need yet another site, another organization or to wait for 3 years for an existing organization to research what people want. It is all as simple as everyone contributing to self promotion to a degree. Even if it means $100 a vendor to be on the service or $50 for every attendee affluent enough to be able to go there and still write out a check.

I will have no quams about explaining why my attraction is a loser event, quite simply in this area they are about 1/10th as popular as one might be up north. So this lessens my ability to outlay serious cash in a seasonal business that has a limited return. Frankly I have already hurt myself financially and it is totally from putting money into the haunted house instead of my regular business. I'm not going down the tubes or anything but, I'm questioning why was I so stupid to have done that. Why is it not working. What could be better.

My customers have never heard of Transworld or HauntCon or most of the vendors yet they have had an event since 1983. How is this possible? Those that are out and about are wasting money trying to figure out what is all this about and why should they be excited?

I make my rounds and hear we aren't going to this or that because it costs so much and we don't know why it serves any purpose. Monitarily everyone is going through all of these motions as it might lead to something some day.

Yes, I have commented on how I don't necessarily like the licking of heads. It might be more that I'm not able to go to all of these events and have 5 vactions a year paid for by selling 25 DVDs at each place. I don't undersand the great need for very large flopping pnuematically actuated latex, because I can't afford something that cost $2500 a pop even if I can understand why it costs that much. And know how hard someone had to work to make that. I know that $2500 is infact just working for a tough kind of living keeping the faith that someday this will all be something.

All I'm saying is it is time to make it all into something. A whole bunch of individuals on the edge trying to make pro headway or some background organization that doesn't just make a buyers guide. It pretty much brodacasts the products of today across the planet. Even the haunts that have gone years with out a single prop will have to listen to their customers and get some. They will have been able to justify getting some because customers came by to see if they had this stuff.

Haunted Illinois
07-06-2008, 08:03 PM
I do appreciate any photos and fully understand how much ime and effort has gone into posting anything. My point is that if a specific compensated media group (even if it was those that have participated already) the results would be of a far greater contribution.

Good point. When it comes to the largest trade show in the Industry, there should be some sort of “media group” covering the event, so that it gets more National attention.

Until that happens, I guess I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing, regardless of how worthless some people think it is. LOL.

Greg Chrise
07-06-2008, 08:29 PM
The general public will watch a few videos. They aren't likely to individually click hundreds of photos unless they are a haunter. What you are doing Adam has in no way been worthless but there is a bigger picture and it isn't limited either between who is getting the traffic on the Internet, Larry's paid banners or Adams State wide coverage.

In fact tags and key words should say haunted house rather than Transworld, or any other specific organization so they are scaleable by anyone, even the national press interested in something new to report.

And yet, everyone with a website would additionally need to direct traffic to these videos. Then this also kind of bumps up the search engines to ultimately get traffic you were after to begin with. Instead everyone has some walls up, are dissapointed from time to time but an event is nuetral territory all can prosper from if there is some brains behind its promotion. Hence a "media group"

Greg Chrise
07-06-2008, 08:55 PM
It all may not be as difficult as I'm suggesting. Perhaps just being in a better town will make it to the spot light. Last week I saw news coverage of a furry convention in Pittsburgh Pa, it said it has been there for 3 years now. However the reporter interviewed on news footage that ended up on Utube and google video, they asked the attendees pretty much what was wrong with them, is there a sexual thing that goes along with a furry gathering and the organizer attempted to explain how many of these costumes cost from $7,000 to $10,000 and are mascots for various events or simply enthusiasts.

It could be positive. If in fact it is not a circus of what is wrong with these people.

The message is supposed to be like that Good Morning America spot where these aren't you fathers haunted houses, there is an industry that has been around for 15 years that supports events that provide haunted entertainment across the country. Check out an event in your town!

Now if the cameras are still rolling, there is a list of people I would like to wham, bam and thank?

And see, in journalism, on slow news days the same news crews the even did the Good Morning America segment are trained to do follow ups every year. The nice new content is either there or it isn't. If they have to work for it, that is a burden and is going to cost some big bucks to start all over again.

No new content is like not answering the telephone when a customer wants to buy something.

07-06-2008, 09:32 PM
I think it's a great idea, but they'd be talking about a little more than $5,000. Add travel, lodging, and per diems to that and someone might jump on it.

For this to be benificial and to serve the purpose that you suggest, you're going to want a personality. Someone who is knowledgable and trained to be in front of a camera. Someone who can speak with vendors and participants and ask the right people the right questions.

You're going to want a few GOOD. experienced, camera operators and you're going to need to give them VERY CLEAR instructions, otherwise they're going to shoot the same crap that the evening news cameramen shoot.

You're also going to want a decent edit. Something thrown together with Windows Movie Maker isn't going to cut it. You need something that will grab the viewer's attention and keep it.

If you want a collaboration of several people to organize, manage, and execute this production correctly, with YOUR interests in mind, it's going to cost the powers that be a considerable amount of loot. On the flip side, if a group of people do it, mainly because they are already going to be there and the admins slide them some lunch money, it's most likely not going to turn out the way you describe it.

07-07-2008, 03:29 AM

I agree... for this type of production, somewhat of a LARGE, PAID crew would have to be created. You have to think for this, we'd need to finance:

-Equipment (cameras, pc's, editing software)
-Travel (air, car, hotel, and some food)
-Misc. (I had to, because there's always something else)

I've only ran across a handful of people in this industry that are either trained to use a camera or are really good it: Elswarro, myself....

I think that without a doubt the crew from Elswarro needs to be hit up for the editing of this video!

I also agree that we need a "face", a personality to sit in front of the cameras and talk up the industry... so that everybody in the industry would gain from it. -Tyler

07-07-2008, 06:30 AM
That I know who Tyler wants to suggest. Nut, Sean, any of you other guys wanna bet who Tyler wants to see? Shane

07-07-2008, 07:40 AM
Most people look up to there parents as role models, in this case he's dissed them for his Idol!

07-07-2008, 09:00 AM
I was going to suggest Rich Hanf or Ben Armstrong... but ok? -Tyler

Gore Galore
07-12-2008, 12:52 PM
Thanks to everyone for their suggestions so far. All were presented at the last meeting.

the seminars have been improved with your input, and the media issue is receiving some serious thought to how to make them happen.

thanks to all and please keep it up.

07-12-2008, 03:14 PM
What about the " We Are The World " video any suggestions? I was thinking me in the middle and you on the right and Larry on the left and everyone else surrounding us. Whats your thoughts? I also want to see Sean and Nut close to me. Shane

07-12-2008, 10:41 PM
Ill be right next to you Shane! lol

This whole St. Louis TW "tradeshow" or "convention" is giving me major de-ju-vue (Spelling?) such as hmmmmm MHC????

I kept hearing THIS is the show for haunters, THIS blah blah blah... Seems to me that THIS is MHC run by a different group, in a different time, in a different place.

Hope I'm wrong, Kevin, Larry im putting FULL trust and faith in you guys...

07-14-2008, 08:55 AM
I also think it'd be wise if, however is really in charge of this, the show attracted the majority of theme parks with haunt events to this show. I mean, I know they go to IAPPA... but wouldn't even be more beneficial for an amusement/theme park to attend a HAUNT show to better there own halloween event?

Just a thought. -Tyler

07-14-2008, 07:39 PM
Sit boy sit!!!! Good Boy! Shane

07-14-2008, 07:41 PM
Sit boy sit!!!! Good Boy! Shane

07-20-2008, 12:07 PM
Check out my posts titled a VIEW FROM THE TOP!

It is pretty cool!