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07-05-2008, 09:18 AM
‘A Visit from Mr. Gray’ (Coming August 2008)
As the silence of night gives way to otherworldly sounds and morning light finds Charles Maynard’s wheat field sporting what the local news team refers to as “crop circles” life for the small town Midwestern farmer is soon becoming far from normal. Stranger than the markings left in his fields is that fact that Charles cannot account for 5 days he seems to have missed! A growth of beard on his normally clean-shaven face and the incredible flashbacks of a dream he had has Charles’ mind spinning. Is it possible that he has experienced a visitation from something not of this earth, from a sojourner to this distant planet? Did Charles Maynard receive a visit from Mr. Gray?

The perfect CD for those haunts with an alien theme, sci-fi theme, vortex room or just for inspiration and enjoyment.

Sample are online.

Pre-order today at the tradeshow floor price of $10 + S&H at www.virgilmusic.net