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07-08-2008, 10:20 AM
Larry is it just me or is your posting times like really screwed? I think your internet clock has went coo coo! Shane and thats coo coo for cocopuffs Shane this time!

07-08-2008, 10:49 AM
larry is definitley a night owl, that's perks when you're the boss.

I noticed Larry has been around here less since the transworld announcement.

07-08-2008, 11:41 AM
Why should he hes got a lot to do and a lot to spend so he can get it all back in March. I was going to ask Larry though I remember him saying he lets other haunters in free I wounder why he changed his policy? Also I was told that TransWorld said Larry had been a very, very bad boy and they were very dissiponted at him. Larry what did you do? Does this mean your booth will be in a pop up tent in the parking lot of the Show? LMAO Very Interesting....Shane

07-08-2008, 11:52 AM
Come on Shane, Im sure Larry will give you a FREE t-shirt of the darkness and a soda pop with your $50.00 ticket you bought.

Ticket to the On-Season Darkness $15.00
Darkness T-shirt $15.00
Soda $1.00

Knowing your getting a screwing by Larry..... Priceless....

I can see it now, the next credit card commercial

07-09-2008, 10:04 AM
You guys who pay your actors all know how much it takes to open a big haunt each night... Payroll, Police, Marketing, Searchlights, Media support, expendables like fog, co2, etc.

If you have a big event with 50-100 staff you may well need several hundred attendees just to break even during the season.

To open on the off season the cost is much more - If the show is just sitting there it may still need weeks of work to fix winter damage, move off season storage, take delicate items out of mothballs and get it battle ready. Not to mention the effort to get your actors together again when they have all sunk back into an off season routine.

If you are doing massive changes to your show the effort to get it ready to hit a March or May mark is absurd. I cannot imagine for example the amount of labor and pain it took to change the 13th Gate this year to meet a Hauntcon deadline for a few hundred people....insane!

The opportunity cost to delay show production or have it all complete by one of these mid year dates is huge - in many ways you are losing months of work for just one night.

When we opened for IAAPA in past years we charged our normal rate, but we were just re-opening a few weeks after we wrapped. EVEN then it cost more than just another night in the run, I am sure we lost money on those nights.

If you were going to St. Louis just to see The Darkness DURING the season what would you spend? Cost of travel, hotel etc would far outweigh his what....30$ extra he is charging?

You will be there anyway to attend the Tradeshow...The Haunt is a bonus so you really don't have those travel costs to worry about.

Should he charge $50 per person? That is his call - If it is too much he will pay with ill will and poor attendence. Depending on what time of the year is is I don't know if any amount would be enough to get me to open...right now the show is in piles on the floor!

All that said - I am always eager to encorage and support any haunt who will open to fellow haunters in the off season. No matter what size haunt there are always things to be learned, and networking to be done.

This is one of the reasons I always go to Hauntcon - to support the haunts that take up the challenge to open to the industry, and to see new and amazing things.

Haunters can be a tough crowd. We are some of the nicest creative people you will meet, and also some of the most aggressive chest beating alphas around. Opening your doors is a brave and noble thing.

It will be even more of a challenge, especially for Larry. Some of you watch him and study him and gobble up every marking tip he offers but really don't seem to like him. Any imperfection will be magnified and examined in a public forum with the pure intent to take him down. Look at the stuff you put in these posts....

Lets get behind this haunt show, and behind The Darkness opening. If you think one $ more than his regular price is too much...tell him so, but do it in a proffesional way. Heck boycott him and sit on your front porch wondering what it was really like inside that haunted house...

I can tell you you are in for a treat...I have seen many haunts and this one is certainly at or near the very top. I haven't seen it with actors in over 14 years however, so I will be like many of you, eager to check out the full show in 2009!

Anyway I am looking forward to the St. Louis show, I am glad the vendors have taken control and gotten the event they wanted.

Looking forward to an excellent 2008 season and a killer new Tradeshow in 2009!


07-09-2008, 11:58 AM
... and don't forget about additional insurance costs. My guess is that an event like this (being so much in advance of regular operating season) would require a separate policy just to cover the period of operation.

Barb and I have visited a slew of haunted attractions over the years, and more often than not we insist on paying for a full-price admission if we're visiting during regular operating hours (even when we personally know the owners) ... and certainly don't object when other haunters hold off-season events that might require above-average ticket prices.

The majority of us are all self-funded business owners, often making great sacrifices to our time and money and sanity to pursue our dreams ... it seems disrespectful to just assume that Larry (or anyone else) should automatically open his doors to a fellow haunter and give everyone a free show.

07-09-2008, 12:08 PM
I think $50 is a little steep, from what I hear the haunt is only a mile from the convention center, so why waste the money on buses, and relativley speaking, at MHC when they have a tour they include everything, the buses, food, and drinks have been all included, I think a couple of years ago there was a pigroast at one of them, all for one low price.

I think $30 is a fair price, larry himself has said here, that he doesn't need the money, so if it ends up being fifty, then I guess he really did need the money.

07-09-2008, 01:43 PM
If it cost all that much more, and its all a big headache, and its just for a night or two, Why do it anyway? If your going to be put under a microscope then why do it? If you are running the risk of losing money again why do it? Now if your looking for the haunt community to pay for your haunt for the 2009 season then by all means do it! Better yet lets all just find a few haunts and give them money as well to help them I am sure theres haunts out there that would love the free money and if Larry don't need the money then why charge? Again he was going to do it anyway so open THOES DOORS FOR FREE. At the end if we like it we will dontate hell he might even get more than 50 bucks from some. And why would it cost extra insurance? If his policy is for 12 months and its current there will be no extra expense. I could open my haunt up tomorrow and insurancs would not cost a dime extra! Again something is missing here. Nut, Sean, Justin, Jason, Paul, David I think we may need to do some over time here!!!!! Shane and its lead detective Shane this time!