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07-12-2008, 08:19 AM
Hi Everybody,
We've had alot of questions about the closing of chainsaw chips. Ok here is the deal.....

We did shut down the site due to the overwelming workload we have at www.combatbet.com

Combatbet.com is our flagship and balancing the screamqueen stuff at chainsawchips.....shooting videos for elswarro.......we just could'nt keep up.

So, we closed the site for the season. BUT WE ARE STILL MAKING HAUNT CHIPS!!

We are just finishing up a 2000 chip order for FearFest and have a few others on deck!

So if you are interested in chips for your haunt, visit www.combatbet.com and shoot an e-mail to Gina. We'll hope to work with you all soon! Thanks

- Jason