View Full Version : Disruptive cell phones and Jim

Jim Warfield
07-13-2008, 11:05 PM
This weekend was busy.
I have had signs right at the front door asking them to not even bring their cell phones in here for quite some time. (like asking them not to fart! Cell phones are now a logical extention of "self".)
Cell phone reception is poor to non-existant here for many phones but still they buzz and chime and play goofy music while I'm attempting to tell them about this place.(Which they are paying me to do!)
I recently devised a new counter-tactic. It will not be usable for every group that comes here.
I already do tours group/specific , one size (content) does not fit all.
This tactic would be just for certain adult groups.
After a few minutes in the first room I can usually accurately know the group.
So here is what happened the other night.
Right in the middle of my dramatic storytelling the room is interupted with a tiny, tinny imitation melody of a popular adventure movie theme song everyone knows.
After he quieted it down the room was still dark (I control the lighting) and after a short pause the darkness was privy to another tiny, tinny , obviously mechanical voice was heard to say"F--- Y--!" followed by "You're an A--Hole!" F--n Jerk!"
"Eat S---!"
Yes, the silence was disturbed this time by Jim's "cell phone", a small $3.00 device that looks like a plastic human finger/pen till you pull it, then it expresses my opinion of the people who bring cell phones in a haunted house."
Now if I can just saw the legs off of that last tower!

damon carson
07-14-2008, 03:04 PM
Ha ha ha! Nice one! Make it into a cellphone and it will look like your the a hole and then they might get the point to turn off there phone. If not ask them to.