View Full Version : Halloween 2 remake

07-16-2008, 09:14 PM
I'm here with news that there are (surprise!!!) discussions in the work about a sequel to Rob Zombie's Halloween.

Again, we all had heard how the Weinsteins were insisting there were no plans for a sequel (and yet all the actors were apparently signed for three films). However, it appears that there are plans on doing a new film, but "everything is still at the absolute lowest level of talks!"

Word is that offers have already gone out to directors to helm a sequel as Rob has gone on record saying he is not interested returning to Haddonfield.

So, if in fact it is inevitable that the sequel is coming, what do you all want to see? Do you want another "re-imagining" of the original Halloween 2? Do you want to go in some other direction? And most importantly, who would you think would do a good job on the sequel?

Please leave your opinions here. Even thru, if I hear more and I will post here later on.

damon carson
10-08-2008, 11:24 AM
Well they definately need a new Laurie Strode. This last one really sucked! And far as a director I would have to think about this one. And ya take it a whole different direction for part 2. Have him still stalking the children and Laurie in the same neighborhood. Its still the very same Halloween night in part 2!