View Full Version : Home Haunt to Pro Haunt in 2009

Uptown Haunts
08-02-2008, 08:01 AM
Hello, Home Haunters,

Thinking of making the transition from a yard or garage haunt to a Pro Haunt? Maybe you're a small haunt having difficulty securing a suitable location or satisfying all of the nightmarish red tape requirements shrouding our unique industry. If so, I have a proposition for you. Join Nightmare Village Haunted Attraction for a month-long 2009 Halloween Season Event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

As a single haunt, it's difficult seeking out a short term, seasonal location, dealing with city officials and satisfying codes which go above and beyond what is actually required by law. By pooling our resources together as a multi-haunt show, we greatly increase the opportunity to create, build and entertain the masses and would share the overall costs associated with setting up and operating a haunted house attraction. By producing a larger than one haunt show, it also provides the opportunity of securing a permanent location which can be setup year round which allows for ongoing changes, improvements, wedding/party event rentals, etc. It also eliminates the grief of searching for a suitable location every year, securing permits, dealing with officials with egos much larger than their brain, storage, transport and numerous other issues.

Here's the deal. Build your haunt for the 2008 Haunt Season and send your photo or video resume for a chance to be a selected partner of 5 new Haunted House Attractions under one roof in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for 2009. Haunts will be selected based on theme, continuity, creativity and other nightmarish factors that impress, scare and mystify our vict..... uh..... guests. Selected Haunts would share in the overall costs associated with the Haunt Event location, application fees, etc. which will be determined by Spring 2009. Haunters will be responsible for their own haunt setup, operation, cast/crew, break down at the end of the season, etc. The usual stuff you'd have to do anyway.

This is your opportunity to go Pro and show the world what you're made of (literally). It's also a great time to plan for the future. Building and/or buying props, scene planning, developing your back story, facade/theme planning, etc. Let's face it, it's too late to plan for the 2008 haunt season but, there's plenty of time for 2009. Be as creative as your imagination and budget will allow. Thanx for reading and may all of your nightmares come true.....