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~nail in the coffin~
08-03-2008, 08:01 AM
hi guys, i haven't been on in a while. well, since buying our school back in february. we don't have time this year to get out haunted house officially off the ground. so it sucks to have that building empty. well, it's not really empty, i put my nail salon in about 600 of the 21,000 sq feet. anyways, we were thinking of doing a kid-themed haunted...."thing". i don't know what to call it actually. the 2nd floor has 7,000 sq ft that is currently empty so that's where it would be. since i have 3 young kids of my own, i'm thinking of gearing it towards maybe up to 10 yrs old, so not really "scary" but maybe just something to do on a saturday night in the fall. one room could be a craft room where they can make halloween crafts (oriental trading has some cute stuff), then maybe one room could be a walk-thru haunted room, just to get that haunted-house feel to it. i was thinking of having one room be a witch's house with probably me as the witch, then having bowls of gross stuff the kids can stick their hands in-peeled grapes, spaghetti, etc. then i was another room as the "party room" where we will serve cookies & punch, kind of the last stop. but i have 7 big classrooms up there. i need more ideas. and also, how much do you think i could charge for this? we're not really looking to make money off of this, i just want to use my space this year instead of having it sit empty.

thanks for any thoughts!

Jim Warfield
08-03-2008, 03:56 PM
You could still have a haunted house just make some of it so the kid-customers can be in position to effect a scare upon their siblings or parents.
This has tremendous appeal! Involve them this way and their fears vanish so quickly.
Also have some very docile "employees", some puppies and kittens or cats.
These things all work well for us a huge percentage of the time.
Some kids you will not be able to see as customers because they are just either too young or way too nervous.
Have a sitter for them so the rest of their group can have fun and not have to cancel.