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condemned 12
08-03-2008, 04:38 PM
what is the going rate for a fx make-up artist coming right out of school?

08-03-2008, 09:01 PM
I would say 1.50 to 3.00 per hour. When you get a few years behind you it will be more like 5.00 per hour. Shane and its Cheap Ass Shane This Time!!

screamline studios
08-03-2008, 09:20 PM
I love ya shane,

But instead of the buck fifthy you think a make up artist deserves why dont you just smack every last tooth out of his or her mouth because that is a insult in every level, new guy or not!!!!! A new guy coming out of school with talent should at the very least get a hundrend bucks a night(keep in mind that the make up artist spent anywere from $10,000 to $25,000 depending on how much schooling they went though). This gives him or her a chance to grow and gives the owner or operator the chance to evaluate the talent and give the proper rate from there.. OK folks here is a prime example of what PISSES ME OFF, we are willing to spend thousands of dollars on ONE animatronic verse paying a make up artist a good wage to make ALL the actors look good for the whole season!!!!!!! does anyone see the problem here...

Just my thought

Jason Blaszczak

P.S I would never and i mean never work for such a wage, but i do have some silver fillings in my mouth you may want!!!!

screamline studios
08-03-2008, 10:05 PM
And another thing,

Does anyone understand how many hours upon hours it takes to be a decent make-up artist????? ANYONE care to answer???? I would say anyone that has not done make-up to give it a try, lets see what you got????and only then can you say what it takes to be a make-up artist AND what they are worth!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jason Blaszczak


08-03-2008, 11:00 PM
Alright, I am going to have to go with Jason on this... this is a rant he deserves to be on... Give these guys some credit for the skills they have.

Dude, if you are looking to be a makeup artist for a living or just want to find a few I am sure if you email Jason he can help out. He has been very cool with a few stupid questions from me.

08-04-2008, 06:32 AM
LMAO! Jason lol that post of mine was a joke with a small point in mind. Maybe I should have been a little clearer. Just like any person new to any profession it takes time. No one can expect to get as much as say a person like yourself or a person with say 5,10 or 15 years under his or her belt. So a new person just out of school even though its a joke as far as the money goes it does take time. Shane and its Jason is on my ass Shane this time.
P.S. I love ya too man!

08-04-2008, 08:57 AM
There's makeup for film and theatre, and there's makeup for haunts. And the payscales do not match up.

Most makeup people who work haunts are self taught, some are at the beginnin g of their careers and will go on to schools and films, some are enthusiastic amateurs, some are maskmakers, some are pros who prefer the hands on scaring to hoping to scare in a movie(I fall into the enthusiastic amateur who went pro category that I didn't mention)

Most work from love of the craft, and love of haunts.

And most will go above and beyond what the haunts paying them to do simply out of a desire to always do more, scare better and hone their craft.

I routinely make new things to use at the Nightmare. I use my own blood formulas, a lot of my own prosthetics(and I dump them out for general use as well), and bring things from my kit to augment the kit provided.

Do I get paid the same as I do when I've got film work or a comission? No.

But I get the ultimate joy of seeing my work scare the crap out of people. You can't get that with a film.

So what should you pay? Whatever is workable for your haunt.

08-04-2008, 10:15 AM
We work with several students and recent graduates each season, and I find that it's a mutually benefical relationship. Our haunt gets the obvious benefit of their talent, while the student gets an opportunity for "real world" experience creating characters with a short amount of prep time, working with actors, networking with other FX people, and building up a portfolio.

In my opinion, a portfolio filled with creations from haunted attractions, theatre productions, uber-low budget movies, and other work will always hold more merit that something filled only with classroom projects that were created under controlled and supervised conditions.

We do pay our artists of course, and they do make more than our traditional actors -- but as Jack mentioned, we can't really afford to pay them the same as they might get working on a film or other commission work. However, the experience and connections that they gain from ScareHouse can often help them land the higher-profile and higher-income gigs that might otherwise be hard to land.

I do agree with Jason that actors and make-up artists are often neglected or undervalued by attraction owners... the animations are cool and everything, but it's the character that people talk about afterward.

Killer Katie
08-04-2008, 03:27 PM
Wow, this is like the age old question... what do you pay. Wasn't the other post about 50 pages long on this subject? LOL As much as it kills me - I agree with Jason and Shane (not sure what agreeing with Shane will do for my likeability.. lol j/k).
But I do want to say one thing - make sure the artist, no matter how much schooling or "experience" really delivers and the pay matches the talent.
And is exactly what you're looking for.
And there is a huge differenc between "movie" and "haunt makeup and it's not just pay. You can have an amazing movie quality artist, but their makeup just doesn't work in a haunt invironment.
killer katie OUT!!!

08-04-2008, 04:31 PM
Babe I am loved here trust me! Hang with me here and I will take you far with me! As a matter of fact you can drive the car when were in St. Louis I hear theres going to be a drive by shooting at Larrys in March just a rumor I heard! Shane and its drive slowly Shane this time.

Kevin Dells
08-04-2008, 04:55 PM
Maybe i didn't see the other posting of this as Katie pointed out but either way Great Topic!

Make up to me is the top dog in my haunting love, Set Design and build is great but make up is the passion! Takes less time to do than building huge things faster results!

Anyhow Jason hit some very good points pretty much summed it up.
But i do have a question to jason (probably should have just quoted him.

Im going to ask it in two parts.

The actor coming out of school you said should he get 100 roughly a night.
Im assuming a decent sized haunt would have way to many actors for that one guy to do or at least time constraints. For that price would he be hired to do work on the top few yet still teach the rest of the non schooled rookies at the haunt as well. Basicly sharing a little he's paying for.

Or would it be considered a seminar and maybe paid extra for that?

I guess im a little confussed because that one artist if he's good and fast yet is still doing marquee work is only going to get to what? Five maybe ten a night.

Not nit picking here just if you would explain further. I do a lot of this as a non schooled artist yet my work is pretty good (going on 9 seasons of make up at haunts) im curios if a guys running an entire haunts make up and teaching seminars non schooled what should be looking to recieve?

Again Great topic!

08-04-2008, 05:03 PM
I'm probably going to sound ignorant when I ask this, but at the VERY LEAST, shouldn't everyone get minimum wage? I honestly am not informed, so please don't attack. Inform me. :)

08-04-2008, 05:05 PM
Should another question or consideration be how long they weork each night and quality? Are they doing make up for two hours and then leaving at 7PM once the doors open or do they also act?? Also how kick ass of an artist are they? I have seen some mind blowing work at some haunts I visit, and I have seen some that is maybe a little latex and blood smeared on....Jason, I have seen your work and know your makeup rocks so I am not questioning you :)

condemned 12
08-04-2008, 06:01 PM
thanks for all the reply's. it's what i thought it would be.

08-04-2008, 10:30 PM
As for 7PM, not a chance. :) Actors usually arrive until at least 30 minutes after open needing work. As the makeup guy I never get out to play until at least an hour after we open. So I almost always do the line and work with the actors inside. Though, it is a very valid argument to point out that full face prosthetics take time. Part of the "haunt" makeup gig is being able to have a crew that can do both key people in makeup and other people in face paint, or other styles of secondary makeup. Being haunt makeup good is hard work....

08-05-2008, 09:02 AM
I do 4-6 people a night--and I'm one of ten makeup people. Recurring characters usuall go first, then basic scary folk, then breakers(since I act too, I usually wind up here. We've got a little more than 2 hours to get everyone in makeup.

In addition to this every seasoned artist helps the noobs--and I include new-just-outta-school noobs in that. Speed is something that has to be learned. As is improv(creating a good full makeup out of parts laying around).

Pay the new guy just outta school whatever you pay ANY starting makeup artist. And, unless the whole haunt is made of people new at it, don't have them being the head of your makeup team if you can help it.

But I do think that the real bottom line is that any makeup artist who loves what they're doing is gonna do more than they're 'paid' for simply because they want things to look good.

08-05-2008, 09:12 AM
I'm probably going to sound ignorant when I ask this, but at the VERY LEAST, shouldn't everyone get minimum wage? I honestly am not informed, so please don't attack. Inform me. :)

Not in the haunt industry. Some haunts pay minimum wage or more, some alot less, some are totally volunteer. I know our haunt pays a flat rate to you depending on if you show up every night, this includes actors, security, makeup people, set designers, everyone. Every ones flat rate depends on what you negoitiate at the begining of the season.

08-05-2008, 10:46 AM
Thanks, Brian! I don't feel attacked, and now I know!

08-06-2008, 09:51 AM
Speaking of make-up artists, our guys did some serious life-casting a few weeks ago -- and I've been periodically adding photos and video to our Myspace and YouTube page(s).


Kevin Dells
08-06-2008, 05:17 PM
Weve been lifecasting as well !

Fun, messy, Claustriphobic times!





Killer Katie
08-06-2008, 09:27 PM
Hey Kevin... did you guys do the lifecasting at your house? I would swear it's at a friend of mine's!
Weird..... lol

08-07-2008, 10:45 AM
Mmmmmm Alginate! Tastes GREAT! less filling!