View Full Version : A great day,with one terrifying moment

08-03-2008, 07:45 PM
Today was a great day, we got all the electrical run, thanks to Brian, Josh and my brother Ed who busted their a$$ all day. This is a haunted trail, so it was a lot of work. Then we had a terrifying moment, we were putting the rings on the vortex tunnel and Josh lost his balance, he reached for the bridge railing, the bridge was in the air to get the ring on. That thing came down with a bang that would have waked the dead. No one was crushed but, the end of the bridge came down on the ring. Luck was with us as it missed all the steal but it did tear the liner. Thats some tuff stuff Joe uses because the liner tore only where it is bolted to the ring. like your shirts button hole tearing open. It should be easy to fix, just run some black duck tape on the edge, fold it so it is on both sides and the run the bolts back in. I'm just happy that no one had their foot under it. The best thing is" NO FREAKING GENERATERS THIS YEAR". yaaaa.

08-04-2008, 09:20 AM
Glad that everyone was okay in the end. We moved the pieces of our tunnel this weekend, too...definitely heavy. :) Sounds like things are moving along swimmingly for you SiTI.