View Full Version : Use What You Got& "The Set-Up"

Jim Warfield
08-04-2008, 01:51 AM
Two simple new things here tonight.
Three customers had just been through the house and were waiting to see the first couple of rooms that they had missed, coming after the tour had begun for others.
I have what amounts to two blue barrels outside, next to each other.
"Zombie"a black feral outdoor cat who is friendly to us and we can pet him.
I said," Look! It's a snake!"
Zombie lifted his tail slightly, paused, then flipped it upward, then pulled it back into the dark little space between the blue drums.
We had them fooled for a little while, it was fun.

Then some people were here tonight who have been here many, many times.
The two guys brought a girl who was a newbie. Two days ago they began setting her up to come here.
"Look, it's right there, on your finger!"
"I don't see anything there." She would say.
"You have to know what you are looking for."
Then they bring her here and I happen to choose her for the "finger" routine, which Really gets everyone's attention!
Some incredible help huh!