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Jim Warfield
08-07-2008, 01:54 AM
Who would have so many things in common with those of us in this haunt business that we might consider them as "brothers?"
Tonight they toured my house again and were a lot of fun!
They work seasonally. The weather drastically affects their income. They work hard to set up and tare down and most importantly they see almost the same customers most of us see, under the same mental and emotional conditions of fear, machismo, people looking for entertainment....guessed yet?
The carnival workers. Yup!
As they were walking out my exit the owner said, "The threat of bad weather keeps my customers at home moreso than the actual weather itself."
So very true.
They are fun!
Even though they have a haunted house in the carnival and have experience(s) to match ours, some of them are still so much fun and sometimes easy to scare!
One first-timer named "Bob" was attempting to be smart-mouthed and I sliced and diced him everytime, much to the extreme amusement of all the others in the room.
About the last things Bob said had the subject of "satan" come up and Bob said, "He's my Dad."
Jim said, "Contrary to what some people believe, you cannot kill satan by having sex with him." (The obvious inference was that not only had Bob had sex with satan butt that Bob was his son.) This was about the time poor old Bob threw in the wise-guy towel, their tour was almost over.
In the first room I showed everyone the little religious icon I had recently bought in a local antique store for "Bob", it is sort of like a fettish and it does one little trick which also saw the roomfull laughing once again at Bob!
Now everyone in that room knows what some of your very personal alone time accomplishes!

Haunting Copy
08-07-2008, 09:06 AM
Jim, I do so enjoy reading your posts! :)


Jim Warfield
08-07-2008, 01:40 PM
"Kathy" one of the carnival workers left her nice silky jacket in the wine cellar last night so we drove 18 miles to where they are set up to return it.
I spotted some familiar faces and began walking to them saying, "Kathy forgot her jacket last night. " With the jacket in my hand ...
"I didn't lose my jacket."
"Well, OK, then," I turn 180 degrees and begin walking back to the Jeep.
"There are four dice in one pocket though.'
Then it clicked in her head! She asked for her jacket!
I began laughing this morning right where I left off last night when they left my house seeing three of them standing there, INCLUDING BOB! My perpetual victim last night!
Bob admittted this morning that he is nervous and had screamed "Like a little girl" several times last night.
"I never noticed that Bob." I was truthfull.
"Kathy" was the one who said last night that she would like to come through my house every night!?
She has now been through it 4 times now and on her way to my house last night she even called her friend who was through it with her last time to tease her about being here versus the other woman not.
My Wife, Jessica tried to refund them $5.00 because I forgot to honor a coupon last night, they refused to accept the money. I said, Well he's got his hand out, give it to him!" Kathy's 4 yr. old son, then she made him give it back to Jessica and I had fun pointing out to everyone the look of utter confusion on the little boy's face! ("The Lady wanted to hand out money, I put out my hand, I had it, now I don't? Aren't you always supposed to be getting that good stuff called "Money"?)
Lots of fun this morning too!
Even my Wife's Corgi loved being at the fairgrounds because the roosters crowed at him and don't forget that cow manure smell! WOW! For a herding breed like a Corgi It Just Doesn't Get any better than this!