View Full Version : A Policeman Who Never Watched CSI?

Jim Warfield
08-20-2008, 12:01 AM
He must not have and this would be why the rubber gorilla suit frozen in a block of ice that he sold was so quickly determined to not be Big Foot! Duh?
He is getting fired from being a Policeman for perpetuating this fraud. Actually possibly the Chief of Police might be in violation of his civil Rights?
Is it legal to fire someone if they are actually this stupid?
Maybe he can claim he actually sold them the ice because it might be Big Foot's ice, the real Big Foot's of course!

Greg Chrise
08-20-2008, 01:04 PM
For months there was discussion and statements that what this guy did in his free time was not of concern by the police department. However at some point, he began using his uniform as a representation of credability and that is a no no when committing a fraud. Getting paid for false claim interviews and such.

From what I can tell the Big foot hunter guy that comes in and directs all the media seems to get paid no matter what and has done so at various levels about 15 times now. He can always say he believed them, sorry it was a hoaks, see everyone next time.