View Full Version : Need some advice on wireless microphones

08-24-2008, 05:31 PM
We have a scene or two in our haunt where we use a cordless headset mic on the actor, run it through a vocal processor and output the altered voice over a pa system. We have Shure headset mics that work quite well, but are very visible on the actor.

I am hoping to upgrade to the microphones I see motivational speakers, etc. use that are just a very tiny stick.. I believe they are sometimes called a 'countryman' mic. Actually, I am curious about throat mics... I know they are used for two way radio with paintball teams, etc. It's an elastic band that goes around the neck and picks up the sound from the vocal cords directly...

Does anyone have experience with either of these type mics who could recommend an inexpensive model that has worked well. Does anyone have throat mics that work with PA systems (all the ones I find on the web are for two way radio or cell phones).

Thanks in advance for any recommendations / comments.

Matt Marich
08-24-2008, 06:58 PM
Go for anything that is UHF over VHF, they are less likely to get interference. Also, if you can afford a true diversity set-up, go for that.

08-24-2008, 10:27 PM
"Countryman" is a brand of microphone (www.countryman.com). I use a pile of their B3 omni's in the theatre and love them! Expensive little beggers though - about $500 each if I remember correctly, and that's just the tiny little mic and wire, not the transmitter and receiver.

There are a lot of good wireless systems out there with your choice of mic types to go with them. We use sennheiser tranmitter/receiver sets and have found them to be our best choice for the money. I've been buying up the obsolete styles when the newer models come out and pay a fair deal less than list price though they're still expensive. The ones we buy come with their own "lavalier" style microphone which works pretty well if your not trying to hide them on an actors face. We buy the Countryman mics to replace them though, as they are smaller (easier to hide) and we think they sound better. Our total cost for one set after the added mic is about $950.

For the money we spend, we get high-quality vocal reproduction on a very reliable, sturdy piece of equipment. Actor sweat never takes out the countrymans and the sennheiser stuff hasn't failed us yet, even on dancers. You can spend less on equipment though (or more, for that matter).

Ditto on Matt Marich's comments in general. Diversity receivers will save you a lot of trouble.