View Full Version : Playing with animatronic 3 Axis Skulls

08-25-2008, 04:36 PM
Has anyone experimented with skull animation ? I have been playing with servos, control cards, and computer software lately to ( educate ) myself on animatronics. If anyone has any experience and wants to share their ideas or experiences on this thread some of us would be quite interested. My interests in animatronics has grown within the last year to the point of taking action and building something small and ( ? easy ? )

Computers control everything these days if we close our eyes and ignore them they will control us as well. I for one have never wanted to be outsmarted by a motherboard or program so I have always torn things apart to learn about them or to salvage their tech-guts to build something else. Im always interested in other ideas so please share your experiences and knowledge with all of us.