View Full Version : I Had So Much Fun Tonight!

Jim Warfield
08-26-2008, 12:19 AM
Daughter, Mom and Grandma all the way here to see my house from Minnesota!
A relative had been here and convinced them to drive to experience it!
They were laughing and screaming so much and so hard that Granny said I had made her boob cramp!
I asked her if one boob was older than the other one?
One could be then called "Cramp-pa!"
Grandma was later screaming and swearing, then a few miutes later in total denial, "Never screamed nor said on word!" She said.
Oh, Yah!? Want to see the surveilancen tape that recorded you doing such things?
"well worth it. grandma said.
I very effectively used a very old, basic routine which takes time and timing to be memorable. This little act might be so old as to be something no one does any more (or maybe never ever did?) All three of them were really nutty with fear and anticipation.