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Jim Warfield
08-28-2008, 09:52 PM
I think mine snuck into my consciousness just this afternoon, where it actually came from or was inspired by, I still don't know.(Yes I do, I'll tell you later)
This house of mine is haunted, things have and do happen here with no logical explanantion and things are seen with the naked eye by more than one person that some customers have actually given me the credit for being able to do, as a special effect!
My house tour does effect many people with moments of fear and wonder("Is this guy really crazy? Am I going to end up in a fruit jar in his basement?"
....so....today I was thinking how strange and actually potentially creepy it would be if when someone shows up at my door I simply open it with no introductions or words spoken...would they walk in?
Then would they wish to remain in here if I closed the door behind them (as the big steel bar crashes down, locking it)
Then I would tell them alittle about the house and it's haunted history with no humor at all (as I almost always do)
Of course the story concludes with my death seven years ago as I got ran over by a speeding semi on August 28th.
I think maybe ignoring the whole "Sell You A Ticket" part before the door opens might lead them to actually think I am either really dead or at least a psycho!
Yes, the car I was in when the semi hit me is in my backyard, it really happened.
I was thinking that on the seventh anniversary of my unfortunate, untimely demise that admission would be free...but then nobody showed up.
Oh well?
Aren't nutty ideas fun!
Some night...maybe?
Obviously this idea came from the seventh anniversary of the massive collision, as I was driving today, looking in my mirror more than I usually do.

08-30-2008, 03:23 PM
Maybe you really are dead, Jim, and that's why nobody showed up on the 7th anniversary of your demise???

And even though I don't really know you, I don't believe for a second that you could do your tour without humor. But it does sound like great fun for you to try answering the door without speaking to see whether people will enter anyway. My guess is that most would because they would be expecting the unexpected just by arriving at your place and seeing the outside, particularly if they made the trip intentionally.

And what a cool question you have asked. I have to think about it because I have had so many wild ideas.

I just went into the Twilight Zone. My keyboard would not let me type for a few seconds, but now it's back... I sometimes wonder about this place... I'll get back to you on the question...

08-31-2008, 07:05 AM
Hey, Jim.

I did try to post one of my milder wild ideas, but SOMEBODY made me remove it because it was supposedly too revealing, so I'll have to think some more about what I think is acceptable for me to say but what also meets others' approval. Oh, well. I tried. If at first you don't succeed, ???

I was trying to avoid horrifying wild ideas and wound up with things too close to home. Oh, well. I'm still thinking.

Jim Warfield
08-31-2008, 02:07 PM
This is the area in which all of our best, and most effective passions and fears reside to propell us into achieving fantastic results.
Are you fearful that others will know you better if you explained your ideas? Or are you just uncomfortable with the thoughts yourself?

I hope the restraining factor is not that most common of reasons not to, fear of what others will say or think of us.
Some "dangerous" thinking can open the door to totally new horizons that may be very rewarding in numerous ways.
No, I am NOT advocating drug use, I am advocating mind use.
A mind is a terrible thing to waste, but what could I do? The meat grinder broke!
No sausage tonight!

09-01-2008, 12:26 PM
I'm not really afraid about others finding out about me but what I said made another uncomfortable so I deleted the post out of respect more than for myself. And that's all I can really say about that. Sorry! And separate from that, I also haven't wanted to reveal myself because of the haunt that I've invested in so I have tried to keep my identity off of the forum.

And I do have all kinds of wild and crazy ideas all the time. I am a big prankster, and I do things regularly that almost get me into trouble. I was just called an evil genius yesterday because of one of my pranks, and I rather enjoyed that. But I was told that I cannot share my evil genius (even if it is only used for pranking purposes) with others because others who learn about my methods may not use them for pranking purposes like I do. You also have to watch out because people's feelings are involved, and sometimes they can be more sensitive than you realize.

I just love to laugh, and if something makes me laugh, then I think it is likely a good idea. However, I often find out later that I am wrong.

Here's a silly example that I can share with you. I contacted a member here and we played a prank on another member. We had the third member convinced that two of us were actually the same person with two different user names, and none of us have ever met. How did we do this? Well, it was a simple matter of me getting enough info from the "victim" and feeding it to the second person involved so that the second person could make posts "innocently" referring to those things that only I should know. It worked like a charm, and the hardest part was convincing the "victim" that the other two of us were really two separate people. Luckily, this one turned out OK and we're all still friends.

But please be careful about the pranks you pull. They may work too well, or somebody's feelings may get hurt in the process and you may lose a friend for life.

Everyone has been forewarned.

Jim Warfield
09-01-2008, 02:10 PM
I was told what I beleive is a true story.
A high school girl saw a boy at a basketball game, he was a player, and the girl's girlfriend claimed to know him, even though he was from another school.
This girlfriend set up a date for these two to meet, then at the last second it was cancelled with much regret coming from him.
The evil girlfriend went on to orchestrate elaborate scenarios of near misses with these two, involving other conspiritors to do little tasks to tie up lose ends of the lies.
I think an actual physical meeting was controlled in such a way that the boy thought he was doing a favor for someone else by walking up to this girl and smiling, saying "Hi'".(Just to really put the hooks into the victim.)
Fianally a special time was alloted for them to be together and this evil girl arranged a phoney call saying that this boy, the one the other girl had fantasized about , had died. Car accident.
The victim-girl was heartbroken.
She finally discovered how it was all BS and was devistated once again.
Guess what profession the evil, manipulating girl landed in?
She's now a psychiatrist. The ultimate, legal, puppet master/wanna be.
I bet none of her childhood pets lived to their normal life expectantcys.

09-01-2008, 07:43 PM
For the record, all of my childhood pets have lived long happy lives, and I am NOT a psychiatrist. In other words, Jim is NOT speaking of me, although I have been accused of being a transvestite, a female, a male, a homosexual, somebody who draws on eyebrows with magic markers, and even all kinds of unspeakable things that I cannot mention by SOME members of this forum. And I'm really not as unusual as I've been made out to be, so it makes me laugh, which actually makes me happy.

I honestly don't care what people think because I know who I am and I'm perfectly happy with who I am. I'm also fine with whatever others want to do with their lives as long as they are not harming others (or their pets). And no, that doesn't mean that I'm a vegetarian or a vegan. Sorry, PETA!

Jim Warfield
09-04-2008, 12:53 AM
I once designed and constructed , using alot of string and duct tape and a balloon, a nasty prank device that should not have ever worked, but it did.

The Produce Manager walked into his cooler at 3am, just stepped inside it's door , as a water balloon swung across his knees from the far side of the cooler and broke open, soaking his pants.
It was amazingly dumb luck it worked at all, let alone worked perfectly!

My Boss would get mad when it was load day and someone seemed to be in the bathroom longer than he thought they should be.
The bathroom was very tiny, he would squirt lighter fluid under the door, then throw a match into it! (He owned the old building)
"Whoosh!" Flames shoot up along the inside of the bathroom door!
They came out quickly!
The next store I worked in had one of those bathroom loiterers, I made a point of telling her about this tactic...then threw a Dixie cup of water under the door for her to respond to, She did!
Water doesn't ignite well, though....