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08-31-2008, 07:50 PM
We are going to try venturing away from mask and facepaint this year and try some facial prosthetics. Our only question is... how reusable are they? Even if properly cared for, I've still heard they won't last but for a few applications. We will need three applications per weekend over the entire month! Any advice or links to some highly reusable prosthetics?

screamline studios
08-31-2008, 08:36 PM

I would highly suggest a latex appliance they last way longer than three times, there are many companys that sell them!!!!

Jason Blaszczak


p.s keep in mind a latex appliance is much different than a foam latex appliance!!!

08-31-2008, 10:36 PM

Disclaimer: These are just the thoughts of an idiot. The idiot has well over a decade of haunted house makeup experience. So he is also slow from being hit in the head... often.....

- Silicone is expensive but very nice. Good silicone prosthetics are film quality and look like they are you. Great stuff, just keep in mind its silicone not steel. They damage like anything else if you are not careful. Its also not the best place to start as its a very expensive high quality product.

- Foam latex is more affordable than silicone, but not cheep. It will also be more prone to tears than silicone. Though with care foam latex can be used over and over. The photo I attached is a mangled 15+ uses out of the fx faces piece I have on in my profile photo. The edges are shot, coated in latex, and it smells like a rotten foot. But, you can get through an entire season with one foam piece if you need to and know how. I also stopped caring for it the last week of October. Got lazy and it was on its last leg.....

- Slip latex is very affordable. The edges tend to be really thick and it looks like you are wearing a mask that moves with your face rather than it being a piece of your skin. Most of what you buy in Halloween stores or at the market is low quality slip latex in a box. If you only want to spend a hundred or so on a few actors Slip Latex is good starter stuff for haunts. They are durable, easy to work on, and should last 15 - 20 uses. I posted a thread with some test playtime with one of the Screamline slip latex pieces. http://www.hauntworld.com/haunted_house_forums/showthread.php?t=5822 Just remember, slip latex won't look like movie work and until you are good at what you do neither will much of anything.

My thought is if you are new to things slip latex may be a good start. There are several vendors with good product and the cost is affordable for a "try it and see" item.


Part way through this thread on makeup advice is a nice list of vendors. http://www.hauntworld.com/haunted_house_forums/showthread.php?t=5450&highlight=makeup
I have never used them but you can add http://www.compositeeffects.com/ to that list

One more thing, you could also drop $500+ each on silicone masks. The cost is high but you don't need to apply makeup to them and the move with the actor more like skin. They are not as good as a silicone appliance, but close and easier to apply than an appliance. Again, they do tear, much tougher than latex though. Just don't give them to the bad kids. :)