View Full Version : a real prop...snake in the barn!

09-02-2008, 12:39 AM
The most terrifying thing in the world is a snake! I help my cuz run a haunted barn. Well the other day they saw a real looong black snake in the barn. Glad I was not there. Anyway we have been doing this thing for about 7 years and have never seen one, a couple skins, but no snake untill now. I was just talking about how it was amazing that we had not found one in there. I know all you guys are going to say, "it is only a black sanke and will not hurt you". Yeah right, if I saw that thing, I would kill myself getting away from there lol. To make a long post longer and ad some interest, I did have a friend that had a python and several years ago did bring the snake to a garage haunt I did (I stayed away). We had my buddy dressed as Satan holding this snake and people freaked when they saw it was real, then we dropped a fake snake on a string on them as they were looking at this dude holding the real snake. Almost everybody &*(# their pants!

Jim Warfield
09-02-2008, 03:16 AM
I read that snakes used to dominate this planet when our ancestors were still walking bent over, knuckles dragging. We humans-to-be are thought to have had poor vision, unable to spot a snake until it was venum time!
Then better eyes came along (since all the monkeymen with poor vision got killed)
And a major corner was turned! "See the snake!? Kill the serpant!"
Followed by "Clear that jungle, plant the food."
Why do you think the devil was represented as a snake in the Eden story?
Because he WAS! until we could see better!
So what now in the barn? Spray paint all the interior and the hay flat white so everyone can see him? (Don't forget to turn on the lights too!)
Maybe Mr. Black Snake is the barn's new landlord and he's evicting you?

damon carson
09-02-2008, 10:44 AM
Like you said there is nothing to be afraid of. Just find the darkest corner of the barn and make that your location you will be fine! LOL!

09-03-2008, 01:18 AM
lol. Yep the snake has evicted me. I am the sound guy and it is time to start setting it up and I have not been in there since they saw the thing! Maybe I should crank up some rumble effects and it will leave because of the vibration.

damon carson
09-03-2008, 09:30 AM
You can buy snake repellant type pellets? I guess they work? But then you would have to put them out in the barn. Either do that or get someone who can catch it and set it free a far far way from your haunt.

09-03-2008, 05:08 PM
Jimmy, bite the bullet and go get'er done. I own a snake and they are nothing to be afraid of. Most snakes will run when they see you. Most snakes are non-aggresive unless you really pissed em off. And by the slight chance they you did get bit, most likly you would be fine. Snakes are not to be afraid of. :-D

Jim Warfield
09-03-2008, 07:35 PM
Sean, How long have you and this Ms. Snake been seeing each other?
Sounds like you get along inspite of the species difference.
Like them "thin" huh? Them "snake-Hips"?
Doesn't take much material to sew up a party dress does it?
Seen the new Frederick"s Snakes of Hollywood catalog yet?
Don't need much blond hair for her wig either.

09-05-2008, 02:14 AM
I would die of a freakout!

I was wondering about snake repelents, was researching the net and most say that it does not work.

I do understand that snakes are very interesting creatures. I did have a friend that had the snake we used in the haunt that I had talked about in the earlier post. I actually road from Cincy to IL in the car with that thing, it was in an aquirium(sp?) lol. I kind of made friends with him, I would not hold him, but did manage to pet him. He was a very tame snake, the owner would put the snake head in his mouth! We took the thing to a night club once and a lot of girls came up wanting to hold it, this one girl freaked though and we had to take him out. We were friends with the club manager, so that is how we got him in.

Jim I was at the Spider Hill deal this Summer and some ladies said they really enjoyed the tour at your place, I would love to make it up state somday and sheck it out. I love your take on like lol.

Jim Warfield
09-07-2008, 02:02 AM
I had some people here tonight from Pekin, Ill. They drove here just to see my house.
I ALWAYS feel this is quite a compliment!

damon carson
09-08-2008, 11:09 AM
Jim you got snakes in your tour now?! WOW! You know if you keep up with that yard work that would help keep them away. Your haunt is the only haunt Ive ever came up to and they were weedeating outside. And not to terrorize the customers. I even seen Larry picking up trash outside Scream World once. Hard to believe huh.?! LOL!

09-12-2008, 02:01 AM
lol yep everybody wants to do the fun stuff, but nobody wants to do the realwork! So you have been to the barn?