View Full Version : How to Make A Rotting Corpse

09-02-2008, 07:07 PM
New to the whole "corpse making" process? Don't know what materials to get? Or just where to start? Well then, I have something that might interest you...

While surfing the net, I happen upon a series of videos detailing how to make a corpse. A fairly good looking one at that and on a low budget too. The videos in the guy's profile aren't presented in chronological order. Meaning, you'll have to keep switching between pages of videos to find out what to do next. The videos themselves are very short in length. Some just reaching a minute in length. I assume the idea was to have each video explain one step in the corpse making process. Rather than have the viewer try to remember which 10 minute video covers what. His overall project is to create a single corpse, but the techniques he gives can be applied to different areas. From corpsifying bone work to simply aging cloth and again, with good results at low budget.

Link: http://www.expertvillage.com/expert/1640.htm