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Big Bear
09-02-2008, 10:26 PM
I started cleaning out the garage today, so I can get started on my setting up. I have quite a few props, but of coarse make a couple more each year. I try to go bigger than the last year. Its only my 3rd year. 1st year just the garage,last year garage and front yard. This year garage,front yard, small section inside the house, and the side yard. It will be one continuous path the whole way. I take every thing out of my garage to do the transformation. I have a lot for I am a mechanic(tools& more tools). I store it all in my 8'x16 inclosed trailer. I have a shed on the side of the house to store the props, until the season comes. How do you all transforms and where do you store your props? Also how long does it take to set up everything, how long in advance do you start setting up and building new stuff? Just thought this would be a cool topic.

09-03-2008, 02:12 PM
I finshed building everything yesterday for my haunt. The entire summer I repainted props, replaced some screws and built and painted 45 plywood panels (that kinda sucked)
Everything is in the 8x10 shed now, and when it comes time to put up walls i just switch everything from the garage to shed. I dont have much in my garage just bikes, lawnmower, coolers and some little things...not a big deal.

I try to build all my props for halloween in the summer before I start school as I need to focus on that or else my parents wont let me do it =) .

Since all the walls are prebuilt they go up reallllly fast with some help from friends.. ill do the first weekend in Oct. Props and lights get put in as the month goes on, and then the extension and castle facade go up the last few days. Its a pretty good system and I am glad I invested in all playwood walls...best decision I've made for the haunt

09-04-2008, 01:50 PM
We're pretty new to the home haunt. This will be our second year. We moved and We didn't have garage last year but this year we do so we just got started in August. We already have a lot of props but I find deals and my husband has been building things. He made a coffin out of pallats and I am very pleased with it. We just moved in so the garage is clean already. We're gonna have a graveyard in the front yard, a maze through the garage with a black and white strobe light tunnel, out the back door of the garage where there's a children of the corn/ witch scene and around the side of the scene with a crime scene. After Halloween I'm gonna search for the after sales for next year. But I plan to buy things here and there thoughout the year so we don't have one big hit in October.

Last year was a blast and we moved to an entire new state so I'm wondering if our old house is gonna get egged this year with all the dissappointed kids!

Out-There Entertainment
09-05-2008, 02:48 PM
This is our third year doing a haunt. We keep all the props in our attic and the wall panels under tarps on blocks next to our shed. We start construction around 3-4 days before halloween, but wall panels and props are build year round. We do two set up of this haunt which is why it's made to go up and down so fast. Once for the town and boyscouts for a halloween festival, and then the big night, halloween. Also our haunt doesn't fit in the garage because the doors are 5 inches to short, so all the electrical and FX are set up in around 3 hours before opening becuse it has to be outside.