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09-03-2008, 01:38 PM
Hey Larry,

We are having pure Hell down in Louisiana right now. 13th Gate took major damage outside and to the roof. Most of baton Rouge as well as the state is out of power, water, phone services, and gas.

I received this email from CFX. I was wondering if you could post it to Hauntworld.


Dwayne Sanburn

P.S. At least I have my Hauntworld magazine to read. LOL.


http://hauntworld.com/haunted_house_forums/mhtml:{EF635B1C-3C5D-4B64-82DF-B83C7E82CF5F}mid://00000743/!x-usc:http://rs6.net/on.jsp?t=1102226060998.0.1101652186051.67&ts=S0361&o=http://ui.constantcontact.com/images/p1x1.gif Due to Hurricane Gustav hitting our area, we are currently without power and could be shut down temporarily for several days. We won't be able to take any phone calls, orders, or reply to any emails reliably until power is restored. Fortunately, our shop and inventory wasn't damaged. Unfortunately, shipping services are also not running yet so some orders that are complete and waiting to ship are also being delayed. If you've placed and order and haven't received it yet, we are still currently on schedule, but could be delayed depending on how long the power is down in South Louisiana. We will update all of our customers as soon as communications are reliably restored.

If you know of anyone else attempting to contact us or place an order, please forward this email along, as our communications are extremely limited at the moment.

Sorry about the inconveniece (but trust us, it's a way bigger inconvenience to us)