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09-04-2008, 10:36 PM
Hello all

H.A.C.K. stands for Halloween Amateurs of Colorado Klub and I started it just over 2 months ago. We are a group of home haunters that enjoy halloween more than most and raise money ( donations only, we NEVER charge to enjoy our haunts) for JDRF (Juvenial Diabetic Research Foundation and we could use some help from anyone that could offer it.

WE could use any of the following, and some tricks of the trade to make things even better. We are not Pro's by any means, just a bunch of home haunters that want to have fun and do it for a good cause. Contact me if you feel you can help us out or if you know anyone in Colorado that would like to join us.

Thanks, and happy haunting :) Muhahahaha
President of H.A.C.K.

what we need:

any old halloween decorations or props
Old xmas lights (any colors)
Fog machines
laser lights
chicken wire fencing
chicken wire posts
PVC any sizes
black, grey, orange, red spray paint
black, white, grey, red, blue tarps
car ports coverings
old used tents or bbr style tents
old picture frames (2ft or bigger)
old sheets (black, white, blue)
old stereos with cd players
spare stereo speakers
speaker wire
spare wood
styrofoam (large pieces 3 feet wide or bigger)
wooden pallets
partical board
old unwanted power tools ( they work? :)
screw gun, drills, circular saws,
flood lights (any colors)
fish tanks with covers with flourescent light :)
anything that looks like it would/could be in a mad scientist lab
any skeleton bones (whole or parts

anything you think we could use to make our hauntings look great!!!!!

09-05-2008, 12:55 PM
Hello Jefferey and Team H.A.C.K,

I just wanted to say how nice it was to have the clubs home haunt entusiasts up to visit our haunt. You all inspire us to make our shows the best we can and it is always neat to meet fellow Halloween fans. Many of us remember the first prop we made as a home haunter and also remember how we wanted to share this excitement with other people and often times did this stuff for a good cause.

I must say these guys and gals are really trying to do a good thing here and it is neat to see them helping a cause that I am sure affects each of us in some way.

We personally gave them several props and such that they can very easily fix up and run with for their displays.

I am sure any help you can give this team of enthusiasts will make some very happy people both for their cause and for their displays.

Keep up the good work.