View Full Version : Props for this season. Make me an offer

09-08-2008, 01:07 PM
I was finally able to sell alot of our haunt. But some larger items still remain if anyone is interested. We have three items on Ebay. One pnuematic, one clown stalk around and one static cowboy prop.

We have a few larger props if anyone is instersted. Toe pincher coffin with mummy, gravely the butler, two home made props one stands 6 feet tall. a couple blue plastic barrels for a toxic waste dump a treasure chest with skeletons. A ton of misc stuff.

Walls unpainted

Someone make me an offer on the props. And if you want the pnuematic/stalk around and cowboy I will remove it from Ebay if there are no bids and you can take everything.

for pick up in Connecticut only. You can reach me by cell phone 860-543-4632 or email jilami@yahoo.com