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11-19-2006, 07:58 AM
As some of you know I am a MySpace Geek now. I have discovered something called Zombie Walks. From what I have learned on http://www.zombiewalk.com They take place anytime though out the year. They sometimes have a addmission fee going to a chairitble organization. It is a one day event.

I am wanting some input on this. Hey, if at all else its an excuse for us haunters to play zombies in the late winter (for those in warmer climates) spring and early summer, our off season.

Do you think this is a viable plan to give the hardcore haunters something to do??

Raycliff Manor
11-19-2006, 08:03 AM
Never heard of it Joedog??? I'm going to have to investigate this further... sounds interesting! :twisted:


11-19-2006, 09:46 AM
Try this too.


11-19-2006, 09:50 AM
Had 1st heard about this last year when someone had come into my costume shop to buy latex for a walk he was going to in IOWA. Sounded fun...

11-19-2006, 09:55 AM
Thanks Midnite.....
Link now fixed to reflect proper URL

Did you get any details Ron?

11-19-2006, 10:56 AM
someone sent me this on MySpace

zombie walks is where you get a large number of people, get all fixed up in zombie attire and makeup and meet up at a set location and time. Then randomly spread out over a small section of town..staying in character(moaning,stumbling/shuffling/etc)...then after a designated amount of time you all leave suddenly to go to a bar or take in a movie still in zombie garb.

This does sound like a cool off seson event for us.

11-19-2006, 11:16 AM
Sounds like a good promo for your haunt

Organize 2 or 3 throughout the year.

Spring Break
Mid Summer
A week before you open your haunt

Keep people talking about your haunt all year.
The more I think about it. :roll:
I"m liking this idea. :idea:

Jim Warfield
11-19-2006, 11:21 AM
In Clinton, Iowa were The Creeps For Charity".
They did fund -raisers year round for people suddenly in trouble, like a child dies and the family had no funearl money.
They had busses decorated with portablee sound systems, they played baseball games in costume and did alot.
I don't know if they are still going or not?
Their costumes were impressive too!

Duke of Darkness
11-19-2006, 06:04 PM
I first heard of them last year, but have not attended one yet. It does sound like it could be a good promotional activity, and if nothing else, a good time.


11-20-2006, 10:59 AM
I'd love to do one here...

I heard that a few people got together to do one during American Idol auditions. LOL.

11-20-2006, 11:12 AM
Here is the MySpace page for the Milwaukee, Wi. zombie walkers:


Take care,


11-21-2006, 03:37 AM
Maybe there is something to this. This "walk" had 894 show up (world record) and raised 57 crates of food items weighing 1525 pounds!
photo by Jim Poli

Now Why did we not hear about this before now? This folks is a Haunted Attraction!

more info

11-21-2006, 07:27 AM

What a nifty idea.

I just found out they've been doing a zombie walk in my city for the past two years.