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09-11-2008, 03:07 PM
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Imagine sitting in a dimly lit room, closing your eyes and let yourself drift into a story only you can write with RFR Presents "DARK PANDEMONIUM: A DESCENT INTO THE LABYRINTH OF THE MIND".

Rising from the grave with 21 tracks, prepare yourself to be immersed into a world you created and having a soundtrack to accompany it. From heavy dark sinister guitars and double bass drums, beautifully eerie pianos, voodoo ceremonies to a horrifying industrial coma, you will have what you need to make your story, mind, haunted attraction, hayride, halloween event, or horror convention memorable and effective.

And with tracks like Corpsegrinder, Down Came the Rain and The Deep Ones you have ambient, horrific soundscapes to give your event that touch of realism and terror.

Rotting Flesh Radio "The Haunt Industry's First and Only Weekly Podcast" since emerging in 2005 has become a staple in the Haunt and Halloween Industry with interviews, special guests, weekly news, new products, prize giveaways, and more has gone on to be the Official Media Sponsor of numerous events and has featured many Haunted Attractions and Horror Gatherings exclusively Live on site. This has also pressed the show into creating Custom Queue Line Entertainment for many attractions as well as Custom Soundtracks. With accomplishments like these it was time to move forward with a soundtrack that would bring Haunting into the Next Generation. And so it began.

We brought together a group of artists that would make this debut release diverse, complete and unique. Artists such as Jerry Vayne brings a heavy metal flare, while Virgil Franklin contributes his orchestral, moody and dark sounds. With Sinister Sonics and Martin L. Collins they bring horror to reality with soundscapes and ambience to help you descend into the labyrinth of the mind.

So Sit Back, Relax and Rot Away to the Next Generation of Haunting with: RFR Presents "DARK PANDEMONIUM: A DESCENT INTO THE LABYRINTH OF THE MIND"

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