View Full Version : Tired of the Weather

09-13-2008, 01:30 AM
I am glad the Hurricane season is almost over. Most of the people here never took the boards down from Gustav. Sandbags are still in place and the only thing you can do is hold up inside and hope for the very best. Hopefully we keep power for most of the storm this time. We got lucky with Gustav and only received winds up to 95mph. It could have been bad but we got lucky. And now Ike is bearing down. We have had 4 tornadoes and 5 warnings in the last 12 hours. The wind is now removing the tonnes of debris that was nicely stacked at the road for pickup and is distributing it back to the yard. Phone service sucks if it works at all and businesses stay closed for days. I am just really tired of it all. The wind is starting to kick now and its only a matter of time before power goes. I do hope everyone in Texas does OK as they will be hit the worst.