View Full Version : A Busy, Fun Night With Fun People!

Jim Warfield
09-14-2008, 01:08 AM
A group of four adults, then a bachelorette party then a Birthday party of teenagers all showed up here at once. They all got along with one another, had fun.
One woman earlier in the evening was sort of different.
As they walked through my backyard maze a nasty monster claw reached over the wall and simply bothered he as she was trying to read what was written on the wall, not scared in the least.
Then about two miniutes later as she was looking over the shoulder high fence the nasty claw came at her again!
This time she screamed "Bloody Murder!" (As if she had never seen it before!)
I stil have not determined whether she was so distracted reading my silly signs that she didn't notlce me at all,or maybe her brain finally kicked "In" and saw fear?