View Full Version : Ghost Seeker's Night @ Ravens Grin

Jim Warfield
09-17-2008, 08:25 PM
Come join us on Halloween starting at 10pm for a night of mystique and intrigue as we investigate the 1870's inn for signs of the paranormal. Wander the various halls and rooms with your cameras or spend time in the wine cellar, historically haunted since 1925. Admission is $70.oo.
We will gather at a local restaurant for a meal over which you will hear the accounts of multiple incidences which occured to past and present owners and visitors. After which, you will head to the inn and begin your night of investigation.
This is a unique all night event so please plan accordingly. Spaces are limited and advanced reservation required. For more information call 1-815-244-4746.

damon carson
09-22-2008, 12:32 PM
Wow Jim is that for a couple? LOL! $30 bucks more and youre right up there with Larry. LOL! Just joking but if I was a little closer and gas wasnt so I high I would be there. Good luck!

Jim Warfield
11-27-2008, 04:16 PM
Early that morning there were two people sleeping on the two couches in the front room, a man sitting in a recliner taking random pictures, and a man sitting on the floor, the room was dark except for a flashlight on the floor pointing straight up, making a thin beam of light in the photographs.
The next morning they had something to show me.
In one picture you can make out the shadowy figure of the one guy sitting on the floor in the center of the front room but on the other side of that beam of light is a human face only maybe 25 inches off of the floor with no body, just floating there!
This face was iluminated by the beam of light from the flashlight which might have been maybe 15 inches away from the side of the mysterious floating face.
Nope, I didn't recognise it.
This is an actually "Haunted" haunted house with quite an extensive haunted history.
During the last 100 or so feet of travel near the exit is a place maybe 45 feet in length where sometimes customers will feel someone touch them on the back or play with their hair or even pull backwards , tugging on their clothing even though they are standing very still.
There are absolutely no hidig places or access points of any kind to have someone whether in my employ or freelancing to hide and do such pranks.
There is also no place that any sort of a device to effect such occurrences could be installed or operating from, much of it is a solid concrete wall and ceiling.