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09-19-2008, 08:29 AM

Contact: Travis Fessler ph: 877-NAIL-BED or Travis@travisfessler.com

Kentucky Man To Attempt Creepy-Crawly World Record

Record attempt to kick off Halloween shows at Charity Haunted House

Morning View, KY, September 19, 2008 – Travis Fessler of the world-renowned Pickled Brothers Circus Sideshow to attempt to break the World Record for the most cockroaches in the mouth at one time.

Fessler will attempt to stuff 10 adult Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches into his delicate mouth. The current record is 9, set in 2007 by Jungle John LaMedica of Delaware.

The record attempt will take place at Kenton Lakes Sportsplex’s “Mayhem Mansion/Terror on the Lakes” October 11th at 6:30 PM just before the haunted house opens for the evening. The record attempt is open to the public and everyone is encouraged to come out and see history being made.

Fessler, 35, has been raising hissing cockroaches for over 3 years. The idea of breaking the record came to him when he saw the current record holder place 9 roaches in his mouth. “I can beat that,” Fessler exclaimed, “Everyone says I have a big mouth!" The record isn’t without its dangers, though.
“I’m really afraid one might crawl down my throat,” Fessler admits, “I can’t let that happen, I’m a vegetarian!”

Mayhem Mansion/Terror on the Lakes is a haunted attraction run by Kenton Lakes Sportsplex located at 13966 Decoursey Pike in Morning View, KY. The event benefits Boone County FOP Lodge #46 "Shop With A Cop" program and K.A.B.A /Northern KY Little League. The attraction is open Fridays and Saturdays 7:00 PM til Midnight starting September 26th and running through November 1st. The Pickled Brothers Sideshow will be performing 4 times a night outside of the mansion.

Fessler is a world-record holding, award-winning variety performer. He co-founded the Pickled Brothers Circus Sideshow, Greater Cincinnati’s premiere comedy circus act and winning “Best Comedy Troupe in Cincinnati” in 2007 among other awards. Featuring thrill acts such as sword swallowing, fire-eating, juggling, and a bed of nails routine so funny that you’ll forget there’s a man in pain.

http://www. pickledbrothers. com/mayhem. html

For media inquiries or more information, contact Travis Fessler at 877-NAIL-BED or 859-916-5401 or Travis@travisfessler.com.

09-19-2008, 02:32 PM
Everyone has to have goals, I guess. What's hard to believe is that there is a record for this - and that someone else wants to beat it.

Jim Warfield
09-19-2008, 05:46 PM
An exterminator sprayed a very large cockroach while he was almost laying next to a house in Texas years ago, it jumped down his throat.
In the hospital operating room the exterminator died unable to get the bug out. During the autopsy they cut out the cockroach and it was still alive!
The German cockroach and his bride can have 20,000 "kids" a year!
The rest of the genus doesn't come close to this reproductive rate, thank God!
I have a poster I out together many years ago saying "Know Your Cockroaches!"
This house was cockroach-city in 1961, I was reminded again just today by a former tennant, the garbage dump was only 20 feet away from the house!

09-19-2008, 06:34 PM
Everyone has to have goals, I guess. What's hard to believe is that there is a record for this - and that someone else wants to beat it.

Hell man. Theres all kinds of records.

If you're really lazy, you could try to beat a record where someone watches tv constantly on a couch for something like 82 hrs. Try to beat that.

09-20-2008, 04:35 PM
Sorry, but very disgusting world record to try to beat!

09-22-2008, 01:46 PM
I really don't understand why anybody would want to break this record. I guess it must be the opportunity for that 15 minutes of fame. Not worth it for this record if you ask me (but you didn't).