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The Ed Gein Collection
09-19-2008, 10:33 AM
In the tradition of the great
Dime Museums , Roadside Attractions, and
Classic Carnival Sideshows, Hyaena presents…

Kevin Klemm’s
Reliquary and Odditorium

On Exhibit:
September 16 through September 30, 2008


To View and Purchase the Artwork from this Exhibit, Please Visit:

Opening Reception:
Saturday, September 20
8pm to Midnight

Los Angeles ’ very own King of Corpses, Kevin Klemm,
opens his Cabinet of Curiosities and offers a glimpse
into the world of the strange, the unusual, the bizarre and the exotic.

Longtime collector of carnival “gaffs,” Kevin Klemm has reinterpreted
the classic dime museum into a modern incarnation of that traveling
wonder which has all but vanished from our landscape.
We invite you to suspend your disbelief and…

Relics of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau, William S. Burroughs,
O.J. Simpson, Paris Hilton, and more!

At mounted heads of strange beasts such as
the ManBull, Zombies, and Vampires. Then gaze upon
the Mummy of Anton LaVey… If You Dare!!!

To Memento Mori (turn of the century post mortem photographs,
in actual corpse frames.

Plus: Shrunken Heads! A Two Headed Mummy! And who knows what else?!?!?!

You Wont Believe Your Eyes!!!


Original Artwork
Available for Sale

For more information:

1928 W. Olive Ave.
Burbank , CA 91506


*So come on out and show your support!

*Note: We are also pleased to announce that we will be filmed on Saturday evening for an upcoming episode of the Internet TV Show “America’s Bad Kids”, and possibly a second crew will be coming out to film the opening for an up coming TV show called “American Horrors”.

*And as always, be prepared for some surprise guests!


“Human Blockhead”, “Fire Eater”, “Sword Swallower”