View Full Version : SuperCircuits Should Be Avoided

09-22-2008, 11:45 AM
Best advice ever - buying a video surveillance system

Worst advice ever - buying system from SuperCircuits.

I have spent most of my summer talking to just about every employee in the allegedly "award winning" customer service department only to grow increasingly and maddeningly outraged by their lack of support or concern.

If any of you are thinking about getting a video surveillance system I highly recommend it -- it greatly reduced the amount of incidents and bad behavior at our haunt, and also provides a great record of activity in the haunt (also helps with any potential lawsuits or liability issues)

But if you're thinking of dealing with supercircuits - I say don't do it. Based on my experiences, I personally believe that they are easily the worst company I have ever had the misfortunate to get into business with. I have now spent countless hours on the phone and quite a bit of $$ to get my system (which is under warranty) repaired -- and it's still sitting on a desk somewhere.

My favorite part of their customer support? Their complete and utter inability to call me --- they also insist that I call them back. And you can forget about e-mailing.

Has anyone else had issues with this company? I'm basically giving them one more call (because - again - it's always up to me) before I unleash the ScareHouse lawyers on them.

09-24-2008, 09:13 AM
Have your attorney send them a "legal letter"... stop wasting your time and getting frustrated...I give NO second chances...u screw me, your DONE...that's worked for me for years! You also might want to check the fine print on your support / warranty plan on turn-around times....Vendors don't seem to respond well, if at all, to the customer unless they are threatened....Business is business, and it's NO place for complacency...settle for nothing less than excellence from vendors...way too many other fish in the sea!