View Full Version : can someone explain?

Mistress DeSade
09-28-2008, 10:02 AM
In reading several different threads I've noticed the seemingly random use of someone's name in the middle of a sentence? I've noticed a couple of diffferent names-so it's not the very same person (and I won't repeat the couple of names so as not to offend anyone/thing)...but and example would be..

"and so it's "kathryn" this time. kathryn zero....

anyone? anyone?


Jim Warfield
09-28-2008, 10:15 AM
Reinterating one's name is sort of like advertising . Maybe it's for the people who half-read a post and get it wrong as far as whose actual post they just read. This seems to happen often enough.
I assume full credit or blame for my words and to further insure there might be less confusion I am even using my real name! Check my birth certificate!
(It has to be in that old nest somewhere? Look under the egg shells.)

09-28-2008, 10:27 AM
I think that's his way of stating his mood.

09-28-2008, 11:00 AM
Shane's just being hiimself by staying different.

09-28-2008, 11:29 PM
Its my stlye and the mood I am in when responding to a post. Seems that it has got me noticed a little more lol. Shane and its I am who I am Shane this time!