View Full Version : Thanks Terror Behind the Walls...

09-28-2008, 11:35 AM
RFR flew out and visited Terror Behind the Walls last night. Thanks Brett. It was a great event. Crowds were huge, the flowthrough and event rocked.

I will have more on it on this weeks show including the audio walkthrough and interviews for the crew.

I'd also like to thank you for the hospitality and behind the scenes tours. The walk around the tower was a view to die for (i'll have pix of that up soon).

Midway area for customers was well utilized space and professionaly presented with DJ, Food, and Store. And let's just say I LOVE THE PHOTO OP at the beginning and end of the event. Great way to let ppl keep their memories of attending the event.

Tonight its on to the Philly Zombie Prom and Terror Behind the Walls is doing the make up for people there as well. Then I am flying out back wo WI on Monday.

Great start to the haunt season and THANK YOU BRETT, it was a blast having us out.

I'll have full pictures, audio, and more coming next week on the show and on the site.

Until I close out the prom tonight.....Keep haunting.