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09-28-2008, 12:39 PM
Just got back from Halloween Horror Nights, I had a blast and even ran into some of the creative minds behind the event and shook their hands and got to talk. One house that was WICKED AWSOME was called "Dead Exposure" it was a about a city that was being over run by zombies and the story being documented by a photographer. When you first go into the house you are outside his office you go in to find zombies are banging on the doors and windows trying to get in. He yells at you to "Get out , save yourselfs". So out into the city you go, through stores, a bar, back streets ect, ect. The only thing is it is pitch black, now heres the COOL part. The sets are panted with UV pant, a off white and panted so that when the boards of LED black lights flash everything is seen as if a camera flash had gone off in the dark. Even the zombies themselfs had the UV pant on them so that you had shadow as if cought in a flash. When the LEDs went off you could here the camera and the whine of the camera blubs, the LEDs would flash two or three times with the sound effects. It was so cool, at the end they made another office just like the one at the front of the maze but, this time the doors and windows are busted out and he is dead being eaten by the zombies that got in. I got to do this house twice and if I could I would have done it a dozen more times. The event itself was off the hook this year and they have steped it up on the scare zones (more of them and more intence) seeing flying actors dressed like evil monkeys going from one building to another was WICKED (get it) lol. Anyway hats off to the HHN creative team you did a awsome job and can't wait to see what you come up with for next year.

09-28-2008, 01:43 PM
This is the house I'm mostly looking forward to... a friend of mine just got back from HHN and said this was one amazing haunt! I'm thinking of stealing the idea, adding my own touch to it, and creating a new haunt around it! I'm so excited to go! Thanks for the short review! -Tyler