View Full Version : New Channel 66.6 HM Haunted Radio show is up for 10/1/08!

09-29-2008, 10:21 AM
We dare you to find more news anywhere, covering, Screamfest, Rue Morgue, Halloween Art Exhibit, Rock and Shock, the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, Haunted Travels Of Michigan, Michigan Ghost Watchers, Scream TV, AMC's Monsterfest, Girls and Corpses, Zombie Pumpkins, Wolfe Face Art FX, Dark Candles, Total Skull, Terror Train remake, I Am Legend, plus TONS of Zombie event news!!

Then, if that wasn't enough we got haunted attraction news on the Dent Schoolhouse, Valley of Fear, Fright Factory, the Saw Haunted Attraction, the Fort Howard Haunted Dungeons, the Haunted Cornfield, Niles Haunted House Scream Park, Sleepy Hollow Hayrides, the Asylum House, Mystery Manor, Fright Kingdom, Terror Test, Spookywoods, the Haunt, and Torment at 1200!!

Plus we still have our special October only sections of our website open, including the voting for the Annual Golden Corpse Awards!!