View Full Version : TV in the forecast.

Jim Warfield
10-01-2008, 01:46 AM
Filmed during the beginning of October, shown the last week of October on a major Chicago TV station.
The show's producer is really excited about being here.
There will also be a small group of very professional ghost hunters here being filmed at the same time.
I had to get some things straight with the producer during our first phone conversation.
"We will just bring our cameras and lights in and film your whole house."
"No you won't be doing that for two reasons, it would take five hours to do it, and I do not want my whole house available on video or on-line because many people would find such a thing to be all they need to satisfy their curiosity concerning my house, and they they would never need to come here."

The producer seemed to think anytime you turn on a camera and say, "Where are you Mr. Ghost?" That you will get one.
No it doesn't work like that.
I told the producer I wanted no Oui-ja boards or similair ceremonys conducted here. We live here, we don't want to make anything change drastically here, supernaturally speaking.
"Change" is not always towards the positive.