View Full Version : The Cost Of Disruptions

Jim Warfield
10-01-2008, 07:38 AM
So there are the customers orderly filing into your haunt.
There they are walking or moving more quickly, just as anticipated...Then some drunk knocks down a display piece , or picks up something and begins trying to steal something, or like one time here an azzwhole decided to "play" with a fire extinguisher setting it off, necessitating an emergency situation all just because this doofuss was bored or vandalistic or extremely stupid.
There goes your throughput! Which equals financial loss, there are only so many productive hours in an October night.
I guess this post is mainly just a warning for those just beginning in this field, catch the vandal/criminal and make them pay and make it hefty enough legally, financially to put out a learning experience for others who might once and a while have such tendancys, maybe it would serve as an object lesson for some others. I hope so.