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10-04-2008, 12:15 AM
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Fall has arrived, Halloween is in the air and the Zombies are rising from the grave! This week to kick off the Halloween Season we ring it in officially at the PHILLY ZOMBIE PROM (http://www.phillyzombiecrawl.com)! Rotting Flesh Radio (http://www.rfrpodcast.com) flew out to the Philly Zombie Prom (http://www.phillyzombiecrawl.com) and we are coming at you LIVE throughout the entire event with event organizers, live zombies, The Young Werewolves (http://www.theyoungwerewolves.com), Live Not On Evil (http://www.livenotonevil.net), and more Flesh Eating goodies that your heart can take!

In addition we have RFRs Gruesome Joe (http://www.rfrpodcast.com) back this week with the Rotting Flesh Radio Musical Morgue. Gruesome Joe is reviews some twisted tunes to help you get the Haunt Season rocking!

This week in Haunt Industry News (http://www.rfrpodcast.com) we have information covering Halloween The Happy Haunting of America (http://www.dvdhalloween.com), Fright Factory (http://www.frightfactory.com), SPFX Masks (http://www.spfxmasks.com), Scars Magazine (http://www.scarsmagazine.com), House of Horror and Haunted Catacombs (http://www.thehouseofhorrors.com), The Misfits (http://www.themisfits.com), Season of the Witch, Ghostly Manor Thrill Park (http://www.ghostlymanor.com), Terror Behind the Walls (http://www.terrorbehindthewalls.com) and more Haunt, Horror and Halloween News for this week.

We also officially ring in Halloween with the Zombie Proms Gong of Halloween. We have Twisted Tunes from The Young Werewolves, Live Not On Evil, Dawn of the Dead and more!

There is another Winner for the Screamline Studios Graverobbing Giveaway (http://www.screamlinestudios.com) and Twisted Tunes spinning right from the grave.

So all you Fright Freaks, Haunters and Halloween Junkies...

Sit Back, Relax and Rot Away to...Rotting Flesh Radio (http://www.rfrpodcast.com)!!!

10-04-2008, 12:30 AM
YES!!! Rotting away...

NOW! -Tyler

10-06-2008, 03:04 AM
Hope you like the Zombie Prom coverage Tyler. It was a blast flying out to Philly for it and a BIG THANK YOU to Grendels Den for Putting RFR up during the weekend and Brett Bertolino for giving us the VIP Treament through Terror Behind the Walls.

Tyler isn't the bum at the beginning pretty funny from the streets. hahaha. I had to keep him in the show. lol.

10-06-2008, 10:18 AM
Freakin' awesome JJ, I loved the zombie prom coverage! HAHA!! As always, very entertaining... Can't wait for the next one! -Tyler

PS: I'm enjoying hearing about your haunt visits, you'll have to come down to KY next year! ;)