View Full Version : Blood Lake in Richmond, Virginia is up and running...

Haunts of Richmond
10-05-2008, 10:28 PM
Wow... what a trip this past month has been. We had 30 days to get the haunt ready for opening weekend this past Thursday, so we've been going non-stop since Labor Day. There are still a few rooms that aren't quite ready, so we gave discounts for our "preview weekend" and handed out vouchers to come back later in the season. We also passed out exit surveys to get a feel on what our customers think, and are getting mostly positive feedback... and promises to come back with friends! After taking a day off today for football and catching up on sleep, I can't wait to get back to finishing up our rooms for what looks to be a busy second weekend. We even have a local independent magazine doing an article on us Thursday! Exciting times...