View Full Version : Horror Clips to play in line

10-06-2008, 07:27 PM
Any websites that sell (or free) downloads of horror clip compilations to play in the line? I'm in desperate need of this.

Please let me know if you know of anything.


10-06-2008, 07:43 PM
You'll have to pay a royalty or copyright fee for using footage from horror movies, music videos, etc. etc. I haven't been able to find anything about that, but I would suggest you get Elswarro's Q-line DVD... it's AWESOME!!! -Tyler

10-06-2008, 08:20 PM
elswarro- could you please leave a phone # which i could call you at Tuesday afternoon, so I could perhaps purchase a dvd and get it next day shipped? Of course i would pay you the extra for shipping- we open this friday and the guy who was going to do our que line video bailed out on us. Or you could pm me.


10-06-2008, 08:23 PM

Hope that helps! -Tyler

10-06-2008, 08:27 PM
Thanks Nightgore.

They only have email info on the site, but I want to be able to call them so I can arrange next day delivery for an increased price, and I'll be at my haunt all day and away from my emails.

But thanks

10-07-2008, 07:08 AM
No Problem! Give me a ring at 928-919-1847

- Jason