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10-06-2008, 09:54 PM
Hello all, I am running a scene in a Haunted Trail fundraiser. I would like to set up a sound effect on a stereo system/speakers triggered through an Ipod or other device that emits a bloodcurdling horror screech as my costumed Zombie volunteer comes to life. I figured just downloading a sound to the Ipod and hitting play each time would do the trick, unfortunately, it seems a little too slow and tedious, since I have to keep hitting the reverse button after it is played each time.

I have also tried to rig a sound using a "little halloween toy's" built in sound/amp. Took it apart & rewired it so it can be played through a stereo. Works by just hitting the little button from the toy, but the little CELL BUTTON batteries keep failing, so after-a-while, the sound just chirps. Any quick and easy suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I thought I could do this without having to spend a few hundred bucks on a fancy pro-haunt type device. - Aaron

10-07-2008, 07:47 PM
By the way, if anyone actually reads this, I did just purchase a small digital voice recorder ( the kind someone would use for personal dictation & reminders) $29., that has a "headphone" jack. Plugged in the approp stereo wires to my stereo AUX and connected to the recorder. I then just recorded the sound I had available from that "little Halloween scream box toy". Works pretty good, but the quality of the sound isn't as clear as I would like. It is however quick and there is no need to click a rewind wheel or button. Oh well, heck of a lot better than nothing.

damon carson
10-08-2008, 11:32 AM
Ya I was going to suggest that for you but couldnt find the place to tell you to find one. Its called a Halloween Howler and its $19.98 from Things you never knew existed and I think the Fright catalog sells them too. But I cant remember the original maker. I got stuff on it at home from Transworld but lord knows where it is. Where did you find yours and how much was it?

10-09-2008, 08:17 PM
Just $25, it''s a voice recorder used for business people, students, teacher's, etc.
Thankfully it has a headphone input so I can plug into my stereo system, otherwise, this seemingly simple haunt effect would not be possible. The Howler seems pretty cool, I may get one of those too.
I am surprised that a company has not marketed a simple, cheap push button sound effect (with a choice of pre-recorded sounds), that can just be plugged into any stereo & speakers to make it as loud as you want. The only options seems to be expensive equipment with complicated switches, soundcards, etc.

10-10-2008, 01:08 AM
frightideas.com has a thing called the picoboo. we bought the 104 a few years ago and it works great. Will cost you about 70 or 80 bucks and another 50 for the step pad. it is a black box that you hook up to a stereo and record a sound into and then when you step on the pad it plays and then is ready for the next person, you can also create a sequence with 2 things like lights that go on or whatever you plug into and electric outlet. You just record the sound in and then while playing it back you hit the 2 buttons to record the sequence, it then plays back the sound syned to the sequence of lights flashing or whatever you recorded and saved. Works perfect everytime. We use it in an explosion effect. The person steps on the pad placed on the floor in their path and then when they step on it the sound of a fuse plays (we edited it with the explosion following the 3 second fuse sound) so after we recorded it, I hit button one when the fuse first started, on button one's oultet I have a flicker bulb which is held by a monster stuck next to a fake dynamite prop with a string for a fuse and then when the big boom hits i pushed button 2 and flashed it a few times, button 2 is hooked up 2 a bright 100 watt flood light to blind them and simlute an explosion. Once you have recorded and saved the sound and light sequence, it is stored in the boxes memeory and you don't have to do it again, just in the initial recording.

This is a cheap way to make a sound start. I work in radio. There are these old tape machines that radio stations used to use called cart machines. They look and operate like old 8 tracks, but are of much better quality. they work like this, a sound is recorded on a loop tape (there are various lengths like 40 and 70 seconds) commercials and songs used to be on these and once the sound plays, it goes to the front of the tape automatically and stops and is ready to play again when the play button is pressed. You can also hook up a remote start to these, instead, we hooked up a step pad, so when people step on it the sound plays and after it is finished it recycles to the front of the sound and is ready to play again. I got a bunch of these old machines from a station that was throwing them away becase they switched to computers. You may call radio stations to see if they have any old cart machines. The units come in play only or record and play. you will need one that records and plays. You will probably find some on ebay, you will also need the blank cartridge. You could maybe get them given to you or for around 25 to 50 per machine if you get lucky.