View Full Version : Attention Haunt Owners/operators!!!!

10-08-2008, 08:10 PM
Warning !!!!there Is A Group Of People In The Dallas Ft Worth Market Who Are Purchasing Haunt Tickets As A Large Group (100)thru Scream Pass They Are Using A Stolen Credit Card And Scream Pass Will Not Pay Out On Any Tickets Sold Using A Stolen Card. My Advice Secure A Drivers Liscense # And Check Id On All Large Internet Group Sales. Its Hard Enough Making It In This Biz With Out Fraud And Theft. We Caught This And Wanted To Spread This Info In Hopes It Helps Other Haunts. Im Sure Scream Pass Being A Responsible Haunt Indusrty Vendor Will Certainly Provide Us With More Ideas And Info To Safeguard Those Of Use Who Use Their Service.


Haunted Illinois
10-08-2008, 09:00 PM

It's sad to hear that this has happened; however, I don't think that Screampass, or any other Haunt Ticketing company should be singled out or held accountable for this type of activity. They are NOT at fault. Anyone can steal a credit card and do the same thing through Ticketweb, Ticketmaster, SmartTix or any other ticketing service. As a matter of fact, even Haunts who sell their tickets directly through Paypal would be susceptible to this type of criminal activity. Credit card theft is just like identity theft. It isn't the fault of the company doing the transaction... it is the fault of the perpetrator. There is really little anyone can do to safeguard themselves from this.