View Full Version : ATOLS visits Dewane Asylum

10-13-2008, 01:56 PM
So last night I loaded up the hearse and drove up to Dewane Asylum in Greenbay along with about 25 of my crew. Sean, thanks to you and your cast for a very nice night. Hope you did not mind such a large crew, but my group loved it! My personal favorite was the clown area, specific props out to your clown girl if the white and red stockings! Pretty unique way of having her hovering over the crowd and I loved how she sniffed me as I passed. LOL< all I could think of was the scene in 40 yr old virgin when the girl at the electronics store sniffs him.....

Hope you have a great rest of the season & thanks alot again for letting us borrow your prop this season.....

10-13-2008, 02:01 PM
LOL Ron I was just signing on to put up a post thanking ATOLS for giving us a great show this weekend.

Ron and his gang did an exceptional job with his haunt givin the time he had to set it up. I can only imagine the type of haunt he would produce having a perminate location. Thanks again Ron and team for the great show! If anyone is going to be in the Oshkosh area ATOLS is diffently a haunt to check out!